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Letters, Nov. 22

Trusting science

So the very science that saved Donald Trump’s life is still myth? Okay, we get it. Some people have to learn from experience.

Let them learn. This, however, in no way removes the fact that Donald Trump fell ill with COVID and was experiencing physical distress, was airlifted to a hospital — thus surrendering his all to science by having doctors come in and save his behind.

Now, support Trump, don’t support Trump. It doesn’t matter. What matters is our people in leadership handing us warning when lives are at stake. The fact that two Jackson County commissioners could not put forth a statement about the importance of wearing a mask in this COVID era is concerning.

It’s high-stakes gambling at best. At worst it’s public endangerment and worthy of a lawsuit.

David Dodson


Here come the lawyers

The sheriff has said that he will not support the mask mandate. Two of the three commissioners will not support the mask mandate: Rick Dyer and Colleen Roberts.

All three of these people were sworn in to protect and have the best interest of our citizens. They have failed!

We the people, and the lawyers, will look at the county’s $70 million reserve and start class action lawsuits as people get sick and possibly die because our officials will not put the best interest of the people ahead of their own political agenda.

If you doubt this look at the class action lawsuits on TV, radio, and the internet. It is coming.

Jim Hughes


Commissioners are the true leaders

I’ve been disheartened by recent editorials and letters condemning Commissioners Roberts and Dyer for declining to join in the demand to mouth what the health authorities already repeat endlessly. It’s infantilizing and maddening. The vast majority of people are social distancing, wearing masks in public, washing hands, etc.

These two commissioners are the true leaders, because they put the pandemic in perspective by considering all costs to all people.

The new restrictions are punishing businesses that are not sources of infection. Why? It seems that in our area the recent outbreaks have occurred in long-term care facilities. Mitigation efforts should be focused there, especially since these are the truly vulnerable populations.

I would also like to know how many “cases” never proceed to illness. They won’t tell us.

Nobody believes the governor’s restrictions will end in two weeks. They are a death blow to small businesses, many of which have invested a lot of money to ensure safety of employees and customers, but they are shut down nevertheless.

I commend our commissioners for their courage and I hope to see more action to oppose these unreasonable and economically destructive restrictions, as Klamath and Clackamas County leaders are doing.

Lynn Barton


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