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Letters, Nov. 23

Rudy’s meltdown

Recently Rudy Giuliani was in court trying to discredit the election results. He spewed many unfounded and discredited accusations, forgot which judge he was talking to, and said more than 1.5 million votes were entered illegally.

He then went on to ask the court to invalidate more than 6 million votes, saying, for all he knew, the votes could have come from Mickey Mouse. Giuliani said the plaintiffs were denied observation necessary to ensure “opacity” although he said he did not know what opacity meant. The judge told him. Rudy said “big words, your honor.”

This went on for several hours. He concluded his reckless rant by pointing to the judge as if saying “and live from New York, it’s Saturday Night.”

Raul Keple


Put up or shut up

The essence of democracy is a critical — some may call sacred — compact. That compact constitutes an understanding and agreement that when we run for elective office, we put ourselves and our opinions out there for voters to evaluate.

If voters decide someone else and their opinions are more acceptable than ours, our opponent wins and we lose. We do not accuse them of cheating or claim fraud, we accept the public will; we concede. Failure to accept this compact undermines democracy — the very foundation of our nation.

We had an election and the current occupant of the White House lost. Indeed, Biden-Harris won by 306-232 electoral college votes, what Trump in 2016 called an electoral college landslide.

If Donald Trump and supporters wish to challenge the result, they need to demonstrate, despite Republican and Democratic secretaries of state alike describing this as a smooth and fraud-free election, that a substantial number of the over 5 million votes by which Biden-Harris won the election were fraudulent. They need to put up or shut up.

It’s time for us all to put the election, the division and the name-calling behind us and move forward together, as President-elect Biden urges.

Alan Journet


Crimes against Democracy

When is the Republican Party going to be prosecuted for crimes against our democracy? They have embraced Trumpism with all its fakery, disinformation, and his utter contempt for this country’s Constitution and democratic foundations, including free and fair elections.

Instead of acknowledging President-elect Biden’s clear and decisive victory and securing a smooth transition for the good of the nation, they are perpetuating Trump’s fantasy that he won the election by attempting to take away legally cast votes.

This is the second time in the last 12 years that they have left an economy in ruins to a democratic president. And they have the gall to claim that they are stewards of the economy with their zombie trickle-down tax cuts, which have never worked and have been disavowed by their very creators.

But their worst transgression is their failure to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Their governors/legislatures making out like wearing masks is a civil liberties or religious worship issue, in reckless disregard of the medical science protocols of dealing with an infectious virus. And Main Street workers are openly suffering from job loss and yet the Republican Senate refuses to even countenance stimulus relief.

Robert Mengis


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