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Letters, Nov. 24

Angry conservatives

I suspect many angry conservatives aren’t so much pro-Trumpers as they are anti-nanny state, worried by disturbing cultural changes. They want to be left alone so they can focus on working hard to achieve their individual goals.

Talk of social programs automatically sparks images of good intentions repeatedly morphing into communist dictatorships, not providing help for those in need. It’s a shame mask-wearing and social distancing get tangled up in these complicated perspectives.

Frank D. Long


Let the process work

There have been several letters to the editor wondering if President Trump will leave the White House if he loses the election. But regardless, at this point Trump is still president and has work to do.

There are also numerous investigations going on in several states looking into software malfunctions that gave Trump votes to Biden. If the shoe was on the other foot, would these letter writers want extra time to investigate these irregularities?

Maybe they’re forgetting that this situation does not represent the first time this sort of thing has played out. Specifically, after the 2000 election there was a Florida recount and an effort to determine the voters’ intent by looking at, among other things, the infamous “hanging chads” and “dimpled chads” on numerous ballots. Al Gore waited 37 days for that process to work itself out.

As Sen. Marco Rubio recently said, “Trump has every right to contest the election and take action in the courts,” and “both Democrats and Republicans have used these laws themselves.”

With the above in mind, we need and deserve a free and fair election. Let’s allow the process to work itself out.

Gail Martin


Trump is a sore loser

Sore losers are those who clearly lose but cannot accept their loss. Kids who are sore losers become enraged and want revenge.

You’d think that after declaring bankruptcy and demonstrating numerous times that he lacks business acumen, the Donald would know about losing. Apparently not!

The worst of sore losers are those who destroy the playing field on the way out. It seems that this is exactly what sore loser Trump is committed to doing to our democracy. He cannot pick up our White House and go home; he must leave.

The principle behind democracy is that if the current holder of an elected position loses, that person ensures a smooth transition to the next occupant. Democratic presidents also do this.

For four years, Dear Leader has been committed to undermining the health of Americans and undermining our democracy in the service of self, family, and despotic dictators across the globe. That behavior has been squarely rejected by the voters. It’s time for Trump and his cult followers to vacate the swamp they have created and go home. You lose! It’s time to go!

We now need to take back the Senate from Trump’s corrupt enablers.

Trisha Vigil


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