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Letters, Nov. 25

Safety all but forgotten

On Nov. 18, in the back pages of the Washington Post, was an article explaining the FAA’s ungrounding of Boeing’s Max 737 that day.

Obviously due to excessive coverage of our mob-boss president, his lackeys, and COVID-19, it took third place in newsworthy information. It really should have taken first.

The FAA’s main goal, which they fully admit, is to promote air travel. Second on the list is safety.

All the Band-aids on the Max are now in place, but the real problem still exists: The engines are too big for the 737 air-frame. They are so big that they had to be hung on the wings farther forward than usual due to lack of ground clearance, which in turn can create an extremely nose-high pitch while in flight — hence, the computerized fix.

In just months, various U.S. airlines will start using the Max again. As a retired regional airline pilot, I won’t be riding in the back of one.

It probably would have been less costly, not to mention the hundreds of dead people who could be alive today, to have returned to the drawing board to design an adequate airplane as per the industry’s current requirements.

Stephen Duclos


Our children need you

Without a doubt, the education of children and young people is the first priority of any free, democratic society. In the midst of a pandemic, it should still be ours.

By keeping bars, restaurants, gyms, and other nonessential businesses open and our schools closed, we reveal our true values.

Learning via Zoom is not ideal for anyone. I know — I’m an educator. Every day, we “do school” via Zoom, recorded videos, phone calls, emails. In some cases, counselors and staff are making home visits to provide students the resources they need.

Opening schools must be done safely and effectively. It will take more money and resources than we have right now. The state has provided some; the federal government must make up the difference.

Getting children back into schools can be done safely, but we need everyone to do their part. That means wear a mask. That means don’t gather with people outside of your household. That means don’t travel. That means make some sacrifices. Our children need you.

Rebekah Wolf


In defense of Trump’s legal team

After President Trump’s legal team’s presentation regarding their inquiry into alleged widespread voter fraud, left-leaning media outlets immediately cried “Conspiracy theory. No evidence!”

As a retired FBI agent with courtroom experience in many complex financial fraud cases, I can affirm that in such prosecutions you never announce your evidence pre-trial, except to a grand jury for indictment. Complex fraud cases often charge violations of the conspiracy statute along with criminal violations; thus, such cases can correctly be called a “conspiracy theory”.

Trump’s legal team knows it must prove sufficient illegal votes in enough states to reverse the election and demonstrate “systemic fraud” throughout the country. The team alleges it can show a coordinated pattern of specific fraudulent activities in several battleground states occurring at similar times in the course of vote counting such as suspension of counting, removal of poll watchers, arrival of suspect ballots, spikes in large numbers entered in the computer, and specific problems with the algorithm used by each state to count and record votes.

Fair elections, the rock upon which our Democratic-Republic stands, are in jeopardy. Trump understands voter trust in our elections is as important for the country as is a reversal for him.

George Mozingo


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