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Letters, Nov. 27

We are better than this

The election is over.

As of November 19, 2020, 79,683,126 Americans voted for Biden and 73,698,576 voted for Trump—a plurality for the victor of 5,984,550 votes. This fact alone should properly render moot the Electoral College’s 306-232 victory for Biden while demonstrating how irrelevant the Electoral College has become in determining presidential contests.

Never in my seven decades on this Earth have I witnessed one candidate’s refusal to accept the results and graciously assist with a smooth transition in governance. It is time to focus on other pressing matters such as eradicating Covid-19 and its resultant impact on our economy, educational system, and our way of life.

C’mon America — we are better than this.

Alexander Pawlowski


Walden’s last chance

Our retiring U.S. congressman, Republican Greg Walden, has one last chance to redefine his legacy before riding off into the sunset to receive a hefty government retirement and guaranteed health care for life on the back of U.S. taxpayers.

Will Walden be remembered as the Oregon congressman who wrote and championed the ill-fated Trump health care plan, which would have decimated the Affordable Care Act and denied health care access for thousands of Oregonians? Will Walden be in the history books as the U.S. representative who hid from his constituents for over a year and a half, refusing to hold public town halls because he was ashamed to face his fellow Oregonians who had tough questions about his support of President Trump’s policies?

Over the course of four tough years, Walden has failed to speak out against President Trump’s lies, putting his allegiances to Trump over the needs of his own constituents. Now is the time for Walden to finally speak out against Trump’s efforts to undermine our democracy and urge Donald Trump to concede the election and cooperate with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team. Better late than never, Mr. Walden.

Jeanne Chouard


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