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Letters, Nov. 28

Lawsuits require evidence

If one had any doubts about the prospects for the multiple lawsuits filed by the Trump campaign in the last few weeks, they should have heard one of a young woman lawyer’s comment to a reporter during Rudy Giuliani’s press conference last week. She chastised a reporter, who asked what evidence did they have to support the particular case Giuiliani was talking about, by telling him he didn’t understand the legal process by asking such a question.

As a former Article II appellate judge who has participated in over 6,000 criminal cases, I wondered what legal process she was talking about, because, in my experience, if you don’t have evidence, the “process” will be over very quickly.

I wonder if the people who contributed to the campaign realize how much of that money is paying lawyers to file frivolous lawsuits. I’ve read Giuliani is charging $20,000 a day. I haven’t heard what the young woman attorney is charging, but it’s too much.

James E. Orr


Pity honest conservatives

The GOP has devolved from being a legitimate political party into a Trumpian cult.

Its symbol has long been, and remains, an elephant. Now it is made up mainly of a variety of other “-phants”: standard syco-phants (political appointees with no qualifications other than campaign contributions); psycho-phants (their leader and his buddy Rudy); sicko-phants (with their pickup trucks, MAGA hats and displays of weaponry); and a coterie of sucko-phants (the Trump family and FOX “news”).

Imagine how embarrassing and difficult it must be for honest conservatives who no longer have a dedicated political party that is capable of using truth, critical thinking skills, and compromise to advance what in the past had been such a positive and balancing influence on our nation.

Paul Westerman


On the road again

Good news! One outcome of Coronavirus is reduction in transportation greenhouse gas emissions. Bad news! It’s temporary.

Needed: major investments and policy changes. Gov. Brown isn’t waiting for D.C. Her Executive Order 20-04 requires considering climate change impacts and integrating emission-reduction goals into all planning budgets, investments and policy decisions. Transportation produces 40% of Oregon’s regulated emissions, and kills hundreds of folks a year — even as policy doesn’t meet the needs of people w/o their own vehicles.

Expanding roads is not the answer! Let’s focus on multiple, safe biking/walking routes, invest in zero transmission vehicle (ZTV) technology, offer incentives to purchase ZTVs and electric bikes, and improve the network of charging stations.

The Oregon Global Warming Commission is finalizing its 2020 biennial report to the Legislature. Check it out: https://www.keeporegoncool.org.

Before embarking on the road again, adopt the following habits: No idling, observe speed limit (each 5 mph above is 15 cents’ added gas cost), avoid cargo hauling on roof, remove excess weight, use cruise control, properly inflate tires, combine errands, walk, bike. Avoid any fossil (natural) gas as a transportation fuel; it’s neither natural nor clean!

Louise D. Shawkat


Masks protect others

During World War II my late father, 2nd Lt. Karl S. Clinkinbeard Jr., USMC 5th Division, served during the battle of Iwo Jima. One of his officer friends refused to wear a helmet. He was killed instantly by the concussion from an enemy artillery shell.

Over the years Dad wondered if his friend might have survived had he been wearing his helmet. Of course there is no way to know, nor is it absolutely certain that wearing a mask will prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is at present the best option and it’s irresponsible for so many of our elected officials at every level of government to suggest otherwise.

If my father were alive today he would wear a mask and he would do so in part to help protect the health of his fellow citizens the same way he helped protect America on the beach of Iwo Jima.

Kent Clinkinbeard



About 61,000 people died from German air attacks on Britain between 1940 and 1945. The best civilian defenses to the bombings ware to simply turn off lights when it got dark and to send children away from the cities to live in the countryside where there were far fewer strategic targets.

Please, tell me again how their pause of education, economic disaster and loss of life (61,000 from an enemy at wartime), is any different than our state government doing its best to keep us from an enemy we can’t fool by turning out lights. Only by keeping our distance from each other and other proven methods of mitigation can we keep our national death toll from rising. We have already lost 250,000 to COVID-19 (over four times the amount of life that was lost in over five years of bombings.)

This isn’t about some evil government agency trying to limit individual liberties and personal comfort. This is about trying to save as many lives as possible. Please just wear the mask.

Todd Martinez


Lawyers spread distrust

While I appreciate Mr. Mozingo‘s defense of Trump’s legal team from his perspective as “a retired FBI agent with court room experience,” I can’t agree with his final conclusion.

He claims “Trump understands voter trust in our elections is as important for the country as is a reversal for him.” However, Mozingo implies that this is being done in good faith. What Donald Trump and his internationally embarrassing lawyers have done is spread distrust in our election system, not “trust.”

Our democracy depends on Americans trusting that their vote counts. How many of Trump’s 73 million cult members will trust in that vote now? How many will even know that over 30 lawsuits brought by this charlatan’s lawyers were rejected for lack of evidence?

Once again, whether or not he is on Putin’s payroll, he is doing Putin’s work for him. Disgusting sedition from a conman and malignant narcissist!

Livia Genise


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