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Letters, Nov. 29

Feeling grateful

Life-changing events can’t be predicted, nor can they be forgotten, but how they’re remembered is up to how we respond. I can say that I’ve never seen a response like the Almeda fire recovery, and so many deserve a lifetime of thanks.

Some of us may not be surprised at how we look out for each other: those who have taught for decades in our schools, raised children/grandchildren in our towns, or supported our students through local businesses and organizations all have many examples of the unique bond in our community.

To those who have and continue to play a role in the recovery — donating, cleaning, building, or even just asking, “How are you?” and lending a compassionate, listening ear — thank you for your support. You’ve invested part of yourself in how our school district and families move forward.

There’s no “finish line” to this work, and we’ve still got a lot to do. But during this holiday of gratitude, I am humbled by the way our school district has been supported by neighbors and distant friends, with labor, goods, money, and most of all — love. We sincerely thank you.

Brent Barry, superintendent

Phoenix-Talent Schools

Society is already sick

The Josephine County Commissioners are pursuing a resolution that states “persons or entities, including medical providers, in Josephine County are not subject to findings of negligence-per-se on the sole basis of having engaged in activities that are not consistent with executive orders relating to the coronavirus.”

If the threat is so low, as they claim, and persons and “entities” choose to ignore the mandates, why are they afraid of liability? Should someone get sick or worse, die, they should be held liable because of their negligence. It’s one thing to take risks with your own life, but entirely another thing to take risks with the lives of others.

I understand many are financially impacted by these mandates, which is why our senators should be focusing on COVID relief for those impacted, but instead they ignore the needs of our citizens, and have refused to negotiate aid. Instead, the Republican-held Senate is more concerned with spending their last days in session focused on lifetime appointments for judges, rather than finding ways to help our citizens get through this pandemic.

When society is more concerned with economic loss over the loss of life, it doesn’t need a virus, it’s already sick.

Geri Ventura

Grants Pass

Circle K

I am outraged and disappointed in the construction occurring at the corner of McAndrews and Springbrook for a Circle K.

There is currently a gas station and construction underway for another one 0.6 miles away at the corner of McAndrews and Crater Lake Avenue. It is a commercial area.

The current site of the proposed Circle K is a neighborhood. I am outraged because this is going to significantly increase traffic and noise in my neighborhood. The potential for increased violence and crime is very real. I live on a side street. I shudder to think of how difficult it will be for me to access Springbrook.

I am disappointed in our City Council members. The city ordinance states this type of construction can only be built on over 3 acres. It appears the site is under 3 acres. How could this get passed? I do not feel like I am being properly represented. Council members, please reverse your decision and make it right.

There are “Boycott Circle K” signs posted all over our neighborhood. Who knows, your neighborhood could be next!

Carole Chaney


Bogus fraud claim mutates

A recent letter to the editor revealed the next two mutations to the bogus voter fraud conspiracy.

First, this sinister plot was so wide-spread, so well-conceived, so organized and secretive that the “elite strike squad” was unable, so far, to unearth any evidence but, given time and enough donated money, evidence will surely be brought to light.

The second mutation is that when evidence is never found, it’s because the “deep state” has subverted the investigation.

Mike Mooney


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