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Letters, Nov. 30

Respect facts; control feelings

While you’re publishing numbers about COVID-19 cases, you might refer to Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, which emails a daily newsletter clocking the pandemic worldwide.

Tuesday’s report on the U.S. included this fact: It took us 96 days in the U.S. to get from 0 cases to 1 million. It’s now taking us just five days to surge from 11 million to 12 million. The number of deaths is also increasing exponentially.

More facts from the same day: A recent study of mask use in Kansas finds that in counties where masks were mandated, the number of COVID transmissions dropped 6%. If that doesn’t sound like much, in counties without a mandate, transmissions increased 100%. These figures confirm previous comparative studies.

I desperately want to return to “normal,” and the facts tell us that the only path to all-around health is to show the grit and backbone Americans are supposed to be known for, i.e., stick to the protocols — masks and social distancing.

To receive the daily newsletter: www.centerforhealthsecurity.org.

Molly Tinsley


Flying the U.S. flag

A reader inquired about U.S. flag etiquette and his neighbor flying the flag upside down. Your response in Since You Asked appeared to say it was illegal (your words “a no-no” unless a person is “trying to convey a sign of distress or great danger.”) But the U.S. flag code referenced in your response lays out the ways a flag should be displayed, not must be displayed.

Perhaps the neighbor is conveying his distress about what is happening in our country today. Perhaps he is conveying the great danger posed by the current occupant of the White House to this country, its electoral process, its citizens and our civil liberties. Whatever the reason, his right to express himself through the flying of his flag in whatever manner he desires is protected by the First Amendment. It is not illegal.

Perhaps every American citizen who cares about the future of our country should be flying the flag upside down until the current occupant of the White House is finally out of office and we can start to repair the damage he has done to the United States of America and to our standing in the world.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

No mask, no bed

Most wallets contain cash, drivers licenses, credit cards, organ donor cards and many other forms of personal information.

There are a countless number of inconsiderate, foolish people who claim they want to make America great again. They think caring for the health and well-being of their neighbors somehow infringes on their constitutional rights.

How on earth is being asked to wear a mask and practice proven methods to combat the spread of this plague somehow categorized as an assault on one’s freedom? If you feel this way, please add to your wallet a card stating that should you fall victim to the virus, you will not require a hospital bed. But if you are admitted, know that firearms are not allowed in the ICU.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Just say no

In normal times, if President Trump harassed the state legislatures to overthrow the elections, the U.S. attorney general would be going to federal court to obtain a cease and desist order against President Trump. These are not normal times.

AG Barr acts like Trump’s personal attorney rather than the U.S. attorney. In about 60 days he will be gone, with his public service legacy in ruin.

No one has ever said no to the Donald. He will never accept the loss. It might take the secret service to kick his butt onto Pennsylvania Avenue on Jan. 20. Just say no, Mr. President.

Bob Williamson


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