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Letters, Dec. 2

Attention must be paid

Aidan Ellison, a 19-year-old young Black man, was shot and killed by Robert Paul Keegan, a 47-year old white man. According to police reports, this was precipitated by Aidan playing his music too loud outside of the Stratford Inn in Ashland.

There is something wrong when local media suggest our compassion should go to the man who did the killing.

When reporting on the man who shot and killed Aidan, News 10 shared the GoFundMe effort for Keegan, who lost his home in the Almeda fire, saying that “Bob is a devoted dad with a huge heart, volunteering regularly at (his son’s) school and providing a loving and safe environment for his son to grow up.” Nothing was said about Aidan, who attended Ashland High School.

If you believe that Black lives matter, attend the vigil for the court hearing of the man who killed Aidan. It is being held at the Jackson County Justice Building at 100 S. Oakdale Ave. at 3:45 p.m. this Wednesday, Dec. 2. While nothing will bring back Aidan Ellison, attention needs to be paid to the victim.

If our community is silent, what does it say about us?

Adrienne Simmons


‘Underlying’ masks reality

Ever notice that whenever the media announce COVID-19 deaths they always make a point of adding “underlying medical conditions” to the news?

Now it’s taken a while for me to realize this, but when I see or hear those words, my own subconscious is telling me, “Oh well, those poor people were going to die anyway, so it’s not so bad.” Kind of takes away some of the shock, so to speak. Anyone else feel this way?

Now I am not insinuating that this is a media conspiracy or anything, but the fact of the matter is this: These poor victims are dead, and nothing is going to bring them back. “Underlying” does not make it any better or less tragic. These people are dead.

Let’s just hope and pray that this terrible scourge ends soon and, more importantly, that COVID-20 is not right around the corner.

Gary Pendergast


Show me the evidence

Regarding the letter about election fraud from George Mozingo, court is in session. That is, the court of public opinion is in session.

Present your evidence!

Mozingo cites numerous activities as fraudulent or potentially fraudulent. But not given are any specific citations of when, where, who, how — or any specifics about any conspiracy to cover up the fraud.

Some claim the liberal mainstream media does not give us the facts. Well, help us out: Give us some facts.

He claims that the Trump legal team “can show a coordinated pattern.”

Tell us more. If he will not share the evidence, offer us links so that we can read about it.

Otherwise, I will continue to maintain that there is no evidence of election fraud.

George Fribance


Running the world without God

Are we living in an age when the whole world will be one, known as the New World Order or globalism? I believe that a one-world government, a one-world money, a one-world church and a one-world leader are the next big thing to happen. Here’s why I believe it will happen soon.

We have over 7 billion people living on our Earth. We are depleting the seas and our soil and yet many are starving. Bad storms are flooding our fields and drought is making it impossible to grow some crops. A few months ago a large wind storm leveled 12 million acres of corn in Iowa and made it impossible to harvest.

Why am I concerned? Because we are trying to run the world without God, but that will end in total destruction.

Gordon DeVos


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