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Letters, Dec. 3

Walden is a coward

As President Trump and his administration do everything within their power to undermine our functioning democracy, harm our national interest and create obstacles to the incoming Biden administration’s ability to address the COVID emergency and accompanying economic disaster, I’ve been wondering why Rep. Greg Walden refuses to speak out. I have concluded that not only is he a sycophant and toady to Trump and the Republican Party, but he is essentially a coward.

His party, once the party of Lincoln, will go down in history as a refuge for racists, white nationalists, haters, the ignorant and the self-interested. Ol’ Abe must be rolling over in his grave.

Shame on Rep. Walden. Shame on the GOP. I trust that when the gangster in chief is eventually prosecuted for his many crimes (both in and out of office), Walden will find his voice in defense of this thug. Or perhaps not.

John Enders


Aidan Ellison: Say his name

Did I wake up in Alabama or Mississippi this week? Aidan Ellison, a teenage black man, is murdered on the streets of Ashland and KTVL waxes lyrical about the murderer — with no mention of Aidan Ellison. (I understand that was edited for later editions — too little, too late).

It is not that I have no empathy for a man who has lost everything in the Almeda fire. Tragedies can drive people to horrible actions — but to focus on the murderer with no mention of Aidan’s name at all? Do Black Lives not Matter in Ashland?

I am almost speechless with horror at this young man’s murder and how it has been reported. Almost, but not completely speechless.

There will be a vigil for young Aidan at the Jackson County Courthouse this Wednesday, Dec. 2. Please join us to pay our respects to this young man whose life has been cut very, very short.

Connie Minogue


Shame on the GOP

So here we are almost a month out from the election, yet we still have to hear 45 and his goons blab on about the “rigged” election.

With out a shred of usable evidence, this administration keeps on generating distrust in our democracy. Once again, shame on the GOP, except for a couple, there they sit like good little lap dogs and let the country down.

I don’t want to hear form any of those Republicans talking about being “patriotic” or “country first,” as their actions show they are neither. God Bless America.

Ronald Cavalli


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