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Letters, Dec. 4

Circle K

I have felt for years now that our Medford City Council pushed their own agendas, but this latest atrocity sealed that belief and further increased that distrust.

The new Circle K complex at the corner of East McAndrews and Springbrook roads is not only a travesty but also a disgusting abuse of power. Less than three-quarters of a mile away, a new 7-11 complex is being built in a commercial area and yet the City Council felt the need to approve another very similar complex in a residential neighborhood. Our neighborhood will see an influx of traffic, noise and most likely crime that comes with these types of establishments.

For a commercial complex of this nature to be approved, the site requirements are greater than 3 acres in size; the lot at this specific corner does not meet those requirements. The Medford City Council has gotten this one completely wrong and should seriously reconsider their decision and revoke the building of this complex. If they are willing to use this deceit to place this in our area, it is only a matter of time before you have one in your nice little neighborhood.

Bill Jones


Thanks for fire story

Our gratitude to Damian Mann for his Nov. 29 Mail Tribune article “Talent veteran negotiates losses after Almeda fire” and to Allen Hallmark for sharing so vulnerably the story of his recent losses.

The report expresses Allen’s praise for the bereavement support group Circle of Friends organized by the South Mountain Friends (Quaker) Meeting. As the designers of the Circles, we extend an invitation to any and all people who have been impacted by the Almeda fire to participate in our free weekly circles. See a description. Contact us: RVCircleofFriends@gmail.com.

Bob Morse, Becky Hale and Valeria Breiten



1. A local radio host described how he detected a problem in a transmission line — seems certain persons had become infatuated with the line’s plastic sheathing because it made satisfactory kindling for campfires.

A few decades ago this clearly “bummy” behavior would have drawn the tag “bum” for the perpetrators. Yet, today, addicts who choose to either inconvenience, endanger or (at the very least) cling to the teat of otherwise productive citizens are graced with the term “homeless,” as if a cruel hand of fate had driven them from their proud former lives. A lie.

2. For many years the left has hammered the “voter suppression” narrative. In large part it relied on many persons’ nagging suspicion that minorities were unaware of how to locate a DMV office and secure a photo ID. This was patent nonsense; nevertheless, it drifted unscathed on the back of racism.

3. For some time, witless sports governing bodies have allowed biological men to compete against girls and women. Only lately have some begun to shake themselves, let go of the nutty notion that transgender individuals are so oppressed they must be permitted to disadvantage females, and call “foul” on this nonsense.

Hubert Smith


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