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Letters, Dec. 7

Ashland police disregard mask rule

On Tuesday I was pulled over by a radar speed trap for traveling over the speed limit on Ashland Avenue.

No excuses, I was preoccupied with a family issue and wasn’t paying close enough attention to my speed. I will pay for my mistake.

However, I do have an issue with the deportment of the officer who pulled me over. He is new and had a training officer with him.

When he came up to my window he was not wearing a mask. He only stood six inches to a foot from my window, not six feet at both times he approached my window.

I hold the training officer responsible. His title indicates he should be enforcing a good example for the newly-out-of-the-academy officer.

I am publicizing this incident as I am one who does not believe in one set of rules for citizens and another for officials. This kind of blatant arrogance is inexcusable.

Those charged with enforcing laws also have an obligation to follow them. Gov. Kate Brown has declared a new lockdown in effect at this time and everyone, including police, are obligated to follow mandates for all citizens.

Kris Conrad


And the con goes on

Corporate takeover of media and government over the past 40 years or so has destroyed all but the facade of democracy. Greed-driven grifters of both major parties sell off our natural resources and have no qualms about stealing from the poorest of countries, or us.

Politicos working for the corporate good prevent health care and education for all, guaranteeing our decline as a society. (But somehow they and their donors get richer). As a result we see food lines and homeless families on the rise. It is unconscionable when billionaires and politicians reap huge profits from contagious disease and CARES legislation and endless war.

We watch dumbfounded as the thieves we elected based on gender or race or media promotion, or a nice smile, continue to promote wars and pollution for profit.

For a different result we must learn to vote for policies, not personalities, and take note of who and what “our” representatives are beholden to. And that, in turn, requires that we obtain information from independent media. Media not beholden to any controlling monetary sources. Locally we have DemocracyNow! on radio and TV (SOP World ) and KSKQ FM radio (89.5 Ashland and 94.1 Medford).

Lee Lull


Thanks to President Trump

He lied over 20,000 times!

He bolstered fascist organizations.

He pushed for an unpopular wall. He separated families, refused entry to and caged minors at our border.

He attempted to bully a country to investigate and smear a political opponent.

The national debt: now trillions higher. His “tax cut” gave over 80% to the wealthy.

He attacked everyone who held him accountable. He was never wrong; never apologized for harming others.

He gets thanks for causing more fear, distrust and divisiveness.

He politicized wearing masks and social distancing; pitted red states against blue states. He held political COVID-spreading rallies while offering no national plan.

He fired, punished and degraded everyone he deemed disloyal to himself.

He attacked our right to vote and the counting of votes; accepting results only if he won.

He attacked our democracy!

Nearly 80 million voters reject his dogma.

He will deserve thanks for shutting the door as he leaves.

Bob Wallis


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