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Letters, Dec. 8

Pleased by La Grande editorial

I was pleased to see the editorial from The (La Grande) Observer in the Dec. 2 paper. It is heartening to see a cogent presentation of the reason that Republicans vote Republican (not necessarily “Trump”) from our own state.

I sometimes am impatient with Washington Post editorials and opinions expressed by non-local (Oregon, Pacific Northwest) writers that can be important information but possibly not applicable.

It is good to have a statement of why the agricultural community may feel ignored by prior administrations as it is possibly also reflected in the number of votes cast by Republicans for the “only game in town” as far as the Republican ballot was concerned. No doubt the Republican Party with its current leadership is broken, but its “old” underlying values still ring true to many.

As many have admonished in other letters, communication of ideas can be shared without animosity which promotes dialogue rather than “tit for tat.” Let’s discuss common goals and propose ideas clearly and factually.

Jerry Sands


Article disturbing

I read a very disturbing article in the Sunday Mail Tribune, titled, “A white man murdered a Black teen in downtown Ashland. We need to talk about it.”

Yes, we do need to talk about it. It is people like Sarah Golden, who wrote this article, and had it placed in the Mail Tribune, that increases the racism that we now have.

There will always be racism between races, but articles like this one just make it become a much larger, more serious problem to deal with. Let our law enforcement handle this problem. There maybe no racism involved. Blacks shoot whites, Blacks shoot Blacks, whites shoot whites, why is it only when whites shoot Blacks is it racism? Because of articles written to increase racism, like Sarah’s.

Terry Smith

Central Point

Power of speech

Larry Mendte, your columnist, I imagine standing near a patch of poison oak, encouraging kids to exercise their right to play. You “adults,” given a burning house, Mendte will protect your constitutional right to run into it! He will not be doing so.

Mendte might read in Wednesday’s paper, on page 4, an article relating that four more elderly local residents are dead from the virus. How does he think they got it? Mysterious magic, or was it maybe a gathering of the kind that warms the heart of a constitutional scholar?

Does he think their end came easily? Was this suffering engendered by loose talk in the paper, no masks, and a lack of concern for others? Of course it was! Let us now leave it to those of grand opinions and the need to voice them to ponder their part in the agony and death that is upon us.

The county powers remain stupidly silent as this awful scourge marches triumphantly on locally, especially for the elderly, for whom life might last an ungodly week’s time from contracting the virus to their agonized, solitary passing. Do they deserve this fate? Can Mendte imagine it?

Lars Svendsgaard


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