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Letters, Dec. 11

Encounter at the mall

I made my annual visit to the mall in Medford last week and had an unpleasant encounter at one of the large stores with an employee. She can only be described as a “friendly bully.”

Yes, she was friendly, but then she tried to bully me into signing up for a program that would give me an extra 15% discount. This involved putting my contact information into a keypad attached to the internet. Name? Phone? Email? OK. But then the keypad required my Social Security number. And the keypad was attached to Google.

When I balked at this, she turned into a bully, saying things like, “You want to save money, don’t you? I won’t see what you enter.” This went on for a full five minutes.

Although I am 74 years old, I know a potential scam when I see one, and I want to warn other seniors: Never give anyone your Social Security number, unless required by an official institution.

Jessica Bryan


No EPA requirements for Circle K

Regarding last year’s hearings for the Circle K project in east Medford, and particularly the addition of a gas station: The information packet for both SPAC and the City Council had under the Issue: Environmental Impacts category: “There is no code requirement to perform an environmental impact analysis nor is there an approval criterion.”

We are talking about a hazardous, carcinogenic and toxic chemical (gasoline/benzene) being introduced into a residential neighborhood which is regulated by such agencies as the NFPA, OSHA, EPA, ODEQ, and ODOT; now, how was this topic conveniently overlooked? If ever there was a case to sue for malpractice, this could be it.

Did any committee member pay any attention to the several EPA studies introduced at both the SPAC and City Council meetings? It also seems none of the members were aware that several municipalities in the United States mandate a 200-300-foot setback for gas stations in close proximity to homes.

So, as a result of the city’s approval, we are now going to have gasoline tankers driving through a residential neighborhood with our children going to and from schools, let alone residents living with possible environmental impacts of dispensing these toxic chemicals.

Gary Sumrak


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