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Letters, Dec. 13

Students should be in school

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children.” — Walt Disney

This might be one of the beliefs we, as Southern Oregonians, share during these turbulent times. Most Southern Oregon school districts have at least a 20% poverty rate. Poverty fuels the student achievement gap. Considering that achievement gaps grow faster when students are not in school, it is imperative that students get back into the classroom, especially knowing that there are safe ways to make this happen.

I’d like to commend the Medford School Board for passing a resolution urging Gov. Kate Brown to safely return our students to school. This is the first step in the Medford School Board’s campaign to do what’s best for students.

Please show your support for Southern Oregon school children by going to the Medford School District website (medford.k12.or.us). Under “Medford School District News,” click on “Resolution Letter from the Board.” In the “Resolution Letter” click on “a support form.” Please sign the “Support for MSD Board Resolution.”

Let’s let Gov. Brown know that Southern Oregonians put our greatest natural resource first. Students must be given the opportunity to be in school, healthy, learning, and growing.

Cynda S. Rickert


Circle K changes

Colvin Oil is requesting to almost double the size of the retail building from 9,500 square feet to 18,336 square feet and eliminate the 370-square-foot coffee kiosk. This is an increase of 24 times the kiosk size, which overwhelmingly intensifies the project! Will they try to add back the kiosk later?

Our residential neighborhood continues to strongly oppose this commercial project along with their flowering hype language “Potential tenants that are being targeted by the ownership have been expanded beyond just small-scale commercial uses to include more service-oriented uses such as real estate and insurance offices, physical therapy, chiropractic, or dental offices.” and “Targeting some professional service tenants for the expanded commercial building has the potential to balance neighborhood convenience ...” Can the applicant later request a change in use? What about uses similar to Purple Parrots, poker rooms, liquor stores or restaurants serving liquor, adult shops, marijuana or any other business not appropriate to a neighborhood with children?

Six years from the 2015 traffic impact analysis, the entire area has grown substantially with the tremendous housing growth on Roxy Ann. Huge increases to the stated 9,500 vehicles on East McAndrews Road and 10,100 vehicles on Springbrook Road!

Steve McNeal


Sports double standard

Folks! Can you not see the inconsistency?

Page B3, Monday, Dec. 7, Mail Tribune — there was a large color photo of the Oregon women’s basketball team playing Utah.

Did anyone notice anything? No masks, closer than 6 feet, in each other’s faces — maybe even sweaty and breathing hard on each other!

Question: So if this can happen, then why can’t high schools in Oregon play sports? Football has all kinds of clothing and face coverings and it’s outdoors, soccer is outdoors — Wake up, folks! And get our kids back in school, playing sports, living!

Carol Lowenberg


Credit for Trump?

Larry Mendte thinks we should give Trump credit for developing a vaccine against COVID-19 so quickly.

While I think Dolly Parton deserves more credit than Trump does, I’ll grant him a few points in the “plus” column. In the “minus” column, we have thousands of points against Trump’s 10 months of denial, inaction and active resistance to basic safety measures.

But in the spirit of fairness, I’ll offer Trump the same damning praise inspired by the ruthless Fascist dictator Mussolini — “Well, he made the trains on time.”

Grover Gardner


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