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Letters, Dec. 14

Support the Oregon Cultural Trust

Very few Oregon industries have suffered more than our arts and culture sector this year. Performing arts organizations, museums and libraries have taken a huge hit due to restrictions on large gatherings.

In a focused effort to help our cultural community recover in 2021, the Cultural Trust is urging Oregonians to utilize Oregon’s unique cultural tax credit to leverage greater annual funding for culture.

Donors simply give to one or more of the 1,450-plus cultural nonprofits the Cultural Trust supports, then make a matching donation to the trust before Dec. 31. The donation to the trust comes back, dollar for dollar, when the donor claims the cultural tax credit on their state taxes. The trust donation ensures the state sets those funds aside to support cultural projects.

The Cultural Trust annually distributes up to 60 percent of funds raised to cultural organizations and to county and tribal cultural coalitions across the state who regrant the funds locally. The remainder is invested in the trust’s permanent fund.

Please help our arts, history, heritage and humanities nonprofits survive the pandemic by donating to the Cultural Trust (culturaltrust.org) and claiming your tax credit.

Until the curtain rises again, let’s protect Oregon culture together.

George Kramer, board member, Oregon Cultural Trust


One question

I have one question for the reported 75% of Republicans who still hold to the belief that the election of Joe Biden as the next president of the United States is invalid due to widespread fraud and manipulation of the voting process.

Who or what group of “deep state” Democrats/liberals/leftists/socialists/progressives could possibly be unified and brilliant enough to pull-off such a complex, secretive and technically demanding ruse? And only in the swing states which did not go for Trump?

I do wonder if there is a positive correlation between those who believe in the devil and those who believe in the existence of an evil “deep state” or election conspiracy. One trick of successful propaganda is to establish a boogeyman to which blame can be attached and anger galvanized.

Donnelly Fenn


Expect a circus

Our acting president has proven the adage that when you hire a clown you should expect a circus.

Those who bought tickets believe he loves the country. Considering nepotism, exploitation of his office and the number of incompetent acting staff members who have been indicted on criminal charges, we’ve seen where his golf ball lies.

Ticket holders claim he respects the Constitution.

The numerous times he has defied, manipulated or circumvented government protocol, encouraging others to do the same while working excessively to cover up dubious behavior, doesn’t say law and order to me.

His audience believes that he was, by some enigmatic miracle, sent by God. The question then becomes how high would God build a wall to isolate populations and separate families? How much wealth would God desire to support a lavish mansion and golf course? What amount of society’s limited resources would God use to build a powerful military?

We know that a carnival barker peddles disinformation to mislead; the psychotic we have also hawks division and violence.

What in God’s name is American about that?

Steve Sutfin


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