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Letters, Dec. 16

What election fraud?

Donald Trump’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency called this the most secure election ever. Attorney General Bill Barr said there was no widespread fraud.

Every Republican or Democrat in charge of elections in their various states and counties have counted the votes, certified the election and have said that there was no widespread fraud. In every court case, Trump loses his attempts to change the results because there is no evidence! Zero! None!

But, Donald Trump says the election was rigged. So, dutifully, 77% of Republicans claim there was widespread fraud, the election was rigged, and that Trump won. (If Trump finds out the names of the other 23%, he’ll mean tweet about them.)

Trump once claimed that he could shoot someone in broad daylight and not lose any of his supporters. I’ve said this before, but I’ll try it again: That is not a compliment! Figure it out!

Michael Curtis


Circle K disgrace

While I can’t solve world problems, I would like to give this local issue a try.

’m a senior, and have lived in this beautiful valley of ours for many years. I’ve watched it grow in many directions. Most changes have been positive, however growth and expansion can be challenging at times.

The Circle K disgrace being built in one of our beautiful neighborhoods, strictly residential, by the way, is the worst I’ve seen so far. How could this have been allowed to happen?

There is strength in numbers. Let’s not let this debacle slip by and gradually be accepted and forgotten about.

Anita Kraynak


Pay attention

After Medford’s leadership utilized a competitive bidding process to pay $3 million to a Denver company to manage the build of a proposed $60 million pool they — “Medford’s leadership” — is now promoting no-bid contracts as evidenced by Council Bill 2020-162: a resolution granting exemption from competitive bidding procedures to construct the City of Medford Rogue Credit Union Community Complex at the Wes Howard Memorial Sports Park, ie: “Aqua Warehouse.” Was Halliburton a Shakespearean play or am I thinking of King Lear? Medford tax and fee payers please pay attention to who is minding your 45.6 million quid.

Robert Shand


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