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Letters, Dec. 17

A red kettle story

I was walking into the mall this morning when I saw a guy with a red kettle. I pulled some change out and dropped it in as I passed. I had almost reached the door when the guy yelled, “Thanks a lot man, you ruined my soup!”

Mike Sowers


How about a roundabout?

Oh wait, wait — I know: How about a roundabout at Springbrook and McAndrews? It would save the bother of a traffic study, and just think of the convenience.

Geanie Flanigan


Facts don’t matter

Polls show that most Republicans believe Trump’s lies about winning the election. That’s no surprise. They’re the same folks who believed his lies about President Obama being born in Kenya. It’s a cult, and facts don’t matter to True Believers.

Republicans once extolled our system as an example to the world. Now they denounce it as “a total sham,” claim without evidence our election was “rigged” and furiously seek to overturn it, pressing officials and the courts to discard millions of ballots — 50 frivolous lawsuits that are all big fat losers, just like Trump.

His deranged diatribes have fueled death threats against election workers and intimidation by gun-toting knuckle-draggers. His election sabotage undermines the foundation of our democracy. Perhaps that’s the price Putin is demanding to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Why do Republicans hate freedom? Analysts puzzle over how so many could become so devoted to such an obvious psychopath. Lindsey Graham nailed it when Trump was nominated in 2016: “My party’s gone batsh*t crazy!” Once he’s finally out of the White House, it will be interesting to see whether Republicans wake up to reality or continue their descent into white nationalist MAGA madness.

Michael Steely


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