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Letters, Dec. 20

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t be a relief if Democrats took a break, stood back and showed some grace — grace in winning, grace in victory, grace in celebration; and refrain (for just a little while) in this endless stream of invective toward Republicans and their values — especially since much of it is self-descriptive?

Wouldn’t it be nice?

William Carpenter


Shocked and saddened

We were also shocked and saddened to learn of the shooting of Aidan Ellison (19), who is Black, by Robert Paul Keegan (47), who is white, on Nov. 23 in the parking lot of the Stratford Inn in Ashland.

We are a group of Ashland senior citizens who meet via Zoom each month to discuss a racial issue. And now we have an awful example of exactly what we hear has happened elsewhere happening right here in our beloved Ashland. It appears that Aidan Ellison was killed because his music offended Robert Keegan! His mother (we extend our sympathies to her) said that her son was aware of how hard it is to be Black in Ashland.

We regret that our Ashland city government did not issue any response for nearly two weeks. We citizens of Ashland need to speak out against all forms of racism.

We could suggest many reasons for Robert Keegan shooting Aidan Ellison. However, one question looms in our minds: Would Aidan Ellison have been killed if he had been white?

John Tyler for the Ashland Mature Anti-Racism Learners Reading Group


Immeasurable harm

President Trump was very upset that the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed an incompetent lawsuit, initiated by a corrupt Texas attorney general, deceitfully claiming that Biden didn’t win the presidency. Due to his pathologic arrogance and entitlement, his grotesque dishonesty and his appalling ignorance of our democratic system, POTUS behaved as if having nominated justices to the Supreme Court somehow transformed the court into his own personal possession.

POTUS has been and continues to be a racist, yet few if any Republican leaders have ever called him out for his bigotry and hate. The inept lawsuit mentioned above was supported by 126 spineless Republican Congress members and 17 spineless Republican attorneys general.

Creatures without spines in the animal kingdom are known as invertebrates. Invertebrates such as black widow spiders and scorpions are venomous. Invertebrates such as mosquitoes and ticks transmit diseases.

Invertebrate Republicans have actively participated in spreading the poisonous lie that POTUS won. By not objecting to his bigotry and hate, these invertebrates have spread the disease of racism which has sickened and debilitated our democracy for many years.

The harm done to the U.S. and the American people by POTUS and his party/cult is immeasurable.

Victor Mlotok


No climate vaccine

The start-up of COVID vaccinations seems an appropriate time to realize that it is a time-limited threat. It packed a huge wallop likely to last into the future. Yet, the other major threat, global warming, marches on: There is no vaccine to stop it.

Vast forest fires and extensive hurricane damage remind us. Short-sighted, opportunistic governrnent even pulled us out of the Paris Accord. A new administration promises to pay attention: Let’s be alert Don’t let the cheapskates pull the plug.

Hans H. Stroo


Never forget

All of the 17 Republican state attorneys general and the 126 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who joined the Texas lawsuit to overturn the presidential election results in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia have blatantly disregarded the foundational principles of our democracy.

This mendacious effort was, in effect, spitting in the face of 81,283,495 Americans who voted for Joe Biden.

For these Republicans, it’s not about process, it’s not about fairness, it’s about a refusal to accept reality. Their attempt to subvert the will of the people is seditious.

It is time to hold these politicians accountable, if not through the courts, then through our collective voices and our future votes.

I will never forget this moment. We should never forget this moment.

Rick Saul


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