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Letters, Dec. 21

Stop urban sprawl

I am deeply saddened and upset about the new urbanization plan for the Hillcrest District. The Comprehensive Plan for approximately 224 acres of property to be turned into homes is the ultimate definition of urban sprawl: “the uncontrolled expansion of urban areas.” There is no sense of responsibility for our natural spaces or our wildlife in the Rogue Valley. We are spreading out so much that our wildlife has nowhere to live.

Why don’t we revitalize homes and land inside our city limits? Did we not learn from September 2020? Disastrous fires in Talent and Phoenix are just a sample of the consequences of ignoring Mother Nature. We need to preserve nature, not cover it with blacktop and concrete. We are experiencing an historic drought event in the Western part of the United States. These are serious warning signs and we need to heed and examine our actions.

Terri Rose

Central Point

Skepticism is warranted

The Mail Tribune’s Dec. 15 editorial concerning newly developed COVID-19 vaccines described those who questioned the safety of these vaccines as having “vulnerable minds” possessed of “unfounded conspiracy theories unsupported by any science.”

Vaccine administration, as with any non-emergency medical procedure, should occur only after consultation with your doctor and only after considering all the available information on any potential risks involved. Respectfully, the editors at the Mail Tribune, however rigorous their scientific backgrounds, are not a substitute for the doctor/patient relationship and would be well-advised to avoid giving medical advice on the pages of their newspaper.

Furthermore, there is very credible information that one may wish to consider about these new vaccines. For example, according to an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association, there are “no commercially available vaccines (that) use the platform (mRNA) and, until now, it hasn’t been tested in large-scale human trials.”

I feel that, given the level of political pressure — not to mention the financial incentives — behind the development of the various genetic vaccines for COVID-19, and in consideration of their relatively untested nature, a bit of skepticism is not indicative of a “vulnerable mind” — in fact, just the opposite.

Craig Anderson


We need another vaccine

As we read the news and learn about the vaccines to combat the coronavirus pandemic we can all be thankful for science and modern technology in developing them so rapidly. However, what the world also needs is another vaccine to protect us from the scourge of the DT “virus” which has infected so many in our country.

This virus thrives on the falsehoods, half-truths, outright lies and bullying coming from the current resident in the White House. This virus also produces agitation, fear, insensitivity, prejudice and various other disturbing symptoms in those affected.

If there is one thing I would want for Christmas in 2020, it would be another vaccine which can alleviate the symptoms in those who are inflicted by this virus and protect all of us who are not.

J.P. Hoppe


Elusive or concealed stat?

As of Dec. 16, the MT reported COVID cases in Jackson County are nearing 4,760. As the reported number of new COVID cases continues to climb, one vital statistic remains elusive. Why aren’t the number of recoveries reported daily?

The recovery rate would accurately provide the public with a resilient narrative. Would the continued state restrictions governing school and church attendance, family gatherings, restaurants, performing arts and small businesses become unsubstantiated?

Marylata Elton


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