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Letters, Dec. 22

More money not needed

I am flatly against allotting more money as proposed in the Legislature’s special session.

If we need revenues, open up businesses!

Creating more such allotments means taking from somewhere else, or raising taxes. The governor’s tyrannical mandates have crippled the economy and done little for our general health and well-being.

Adults can make their own health decisions without her. We have all of our lives. We stay home when we’re sick. We pay attention to and help our friends and families.

Stop the foolishness.

Open up the economy. Capitalism works! You want revenue? Let enterprises, and enterprising people, get back to work.

Robin Lee


Holly Theatre’s Christmas present

The appointment of Paul Christy as interim executive director of the Holly Theatre is a marvelous Christmas present to the entire Rogue Valley. Paul’s decades of leadership at the Small Business Administration and the pivotal role he played as interim ED in bringing the Oregon Shakespeare Festival through a daunting set of challenges make him the ideal person to shepherd the completion of this important growth opportunity for our community. What a dazzling ray of sunshine as we move through the Winter Solstice to a brighter tomorrow!

Priscilla Weaver


Lockdowns are unjust

I have spent the last six months fuming at the injustice of Gov. Brown’s lockdowns.

I have felt for my friends who own businesses seeing their life’s work being destroyed. I have watched my grandchildren suffer through sub-par learning online. Now I read that Cascade school is being fined for holding classes in person.

From the article, it is plain that they are being very careful and no one is getting sick. I see the governor on TV saying opening is up to the district but that is obviously a lie. I applaud Grace Cascade Christian Schools for actually caring about their students. All this for a disease that primarily affects the aged with serious underlying conditions and barely affects children.

Karen Hartley


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