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Letters, Dec. 25

Fehl Building memories

I read with interest your Since You Asked column Tuesday about the Fehl Building. I can provide some additional info on that building, now the Kelly Center.

For many years around 1957 to 1970, the building was occupied by Ralph’s (Green), and The White House (Larry White) restaurants, The Barber Shop (Ray Guss), Herman Nigl Shoe Repair and Bud and Judy’s Dry Cleaners. My father-in-law was Herman Nigl, of the shoe shop. I worked next door during that time at the Federal Courthouse (BLM).

Years before Ralph’s Restaurant, the Ivy Street side, back of the building (about 1950), was occupied by a small grocery store, managed by G.J. Wolff, the grocer who later built the Grandview Market in the late 1950s. Ralph Green also previously owned the popular Green’s Café at the corner of Main and Fir, in the early 1950s, next to the Rialto Theater.

Due to the Fehl building closeness to Medford Junior High (McLaughlin), whatever restaurant or café was located in the building during the 1950s was the go-to place for kids.

Great memories for some of us Medford old-timers.

Larry Van Ausdall


Herd immunity

As a retired nurse I recall vividly the use of “herd immunity” associated only with vaccinations, not contracting the disease. In fact, if what the White House is suggesting is that everyone get infected, it would follow that we would have encouraged our citizens to get polio rather than when a certain percentage of people get the vaccine, we can declare “herd immunity,” entirely erasing that horrible, paralyzing disease from existence. Using this terminology is not only incorrect, side effects and deaths are the result of this misinformation.

Anne Brooke Hawkins


Hospital heroes

I take issue with those writers (two letters on Dec. 22 really set me off) who are so casual about COVID-19 dangers and are so critical of those who beg the community to work together. “I have my rights.”

I am 81, and do professional home health care with a 97-year-old Marine vet of three wars. Are we really throwaways, as one woman insinuated?

There is a group of once healthy young adults known as “long haulers” with continuing debilitating symptoms. This is not your basic flu.

I am insulted when you brag about how healthy you are and that you and your family will care for each other. You are the non-caring folks who are helping fill up our hospitals, and you are so shocked when breathing is like drowning. “Don’t let me die,” you plead.

Hospital heroes spend every day trying to keep people like you alive, never questioning if you wore a mask or called COVID-19 a hoax. The more you flaunt your “rights,” the more hospitals fill up and more of us die.

The governor says to temporarily close up businesses based on consultations with virus experts who know more than you do.

Sandra Baker


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