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Letters, Dec. 27

What ‘defund’ police really means

In response to the letter on Dec. by Mel Beaty, I have to say that he, like many, does not really understand what is meant by “de-fund the police.”

It is an unfortunate phrase, actually, and does not mean to “get rid of the police,” but instead, to reallocate some of the funds given to police to other organizations that would be better suited to deal with certain problems (drug addicts and the mentally ill for example, who are often involved in criminal behavior as their needs are not being met). It has been shown that social workers, therapists, EMTs and other professionals are often better equipped to deal with many of the calls that go to the police, and would prevent unfortunate deaths of people in crisis. CAHOOTS in Eugene has shown this to be not only effective but cost-saving.

There will always be a place, and a need, for a police force. Let’s let them deal with the dangerous criminals and leave the rest to other professionals who are better trained for the job!

Katharine Lang


Voting values

I totally agree with President-elect Biden; it’s time to place country above party and reach out to bridge the divide of hate that the Trump-Pence cult has imposed on us.

However, in reaching out, I will not compromise my values. How do we conclude other than that the Republican — now Trump cult — Party opposes democracy when so many across the nation tried to suppress votes and now endorse Trump’s frivolous and costly campaign to impose dictatorship?

No evidence of massive election fraud has been presented to any court to justify the obvious campaign of lies to overturn the November election. So, how do you justify efforts to undermine our delicate democracy by rejecting legally cast votes and imposing four more years of a corrupt and incompetent soundly defeated loser?

We all vote our values: Conservatives support conservative candidates, liberals support liberal candidates, and progressives support progressive candidates. So, when you vote for a racist, white nationalist, misogynist, incompetent, narcissist, and anti-science supporter of conspiracy hoaxes, how can we conclude other than these are your values?

How is it not seditious treason to join the Trump campaign for autocracy? I challenge those supporting Trump even today: Help me understand.

Alan Journet


As guilty as Trump

Trump’s years in the White House were consistently anti-American.

When not serving Putin and other dictators across the globe, he and his cult were compromising democracy by depriving Americans of their vote. He now loses the election in what he described four years ago as a landslide, and the pouting narcissistic loser reveals his anti-Americanism more profoundly.

Let’s overlook the years of racism, white nationalism, misogyny, xenophobia, lies, conspiracy hoaxes, anti-science and incompetence that the Trump Cult and Crime Family Syndicate have delivered. Let’s focus on what Trump has delivered since the election. Despite no evidence of voter fraud, Trump and his D.C. swamp cult maintain the hoax that massive fraud occurred and Trump didn’t lose.

Get over it! In an election uncompromised by fraud, Trump lost big-time. Yet this would-be dictator has sided with Russia again and is trying to destroy everything this nation represents.

Millions of Americans contract COVID, and a third of a million die, and Trump shows no sympathy and does nothing. As Russia invades our nation yet again with a declaration of cyber war, Trump does nothing. Trump cult followers are as guilty as Trump.

Trisha Vigil


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