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Letters, Dec. 29

No lives matter

There are those who imagine that being without a mask expresses their “constitutional rights.” What it truly expresses is No Lives Matter, not family, not friends, not spiritual communities and, as superspreader events have shown, not political allies.

Fact deniers who live in some bizarre alternate reality wherein verifiable, scientific facts and elections are called fraud or fake news, please help prevent disease and death by not continuing to spread dangerous disinformation. The life you save could be your own.

Young, healthy people who think themselves immune or believe that recovery is likely if contracting COVID need to realize that the aftereffects may last for years. Even recovery from COVID can possibly cause lifelong health problems.

A mask is not a political statement. It is protection — like seat belts and condoms. A quote from Kevin Killian is appropriate. Being without a mask displays “a lack of clarity in risk assessment.”

B. Steely


Don’t repeat misinformation

I appreciate the fact that the Mail Tribune prints letters to the editor from readers of all persuasions — left, right, in the middle, etc. It’s important, at least to me, to know what others are thinking and to consider opinions and points of view that may differ from my own.

With free speech comes responsibility, however, and it is up to all of us to speak the truth and refrain from spreading misinformation. Mel Beaty wrote in a letter published on Dec. 23 that President-elect Biden is “OK with defunding the police.” Respectfully I submit that that is untrue and inaccurate.

As reported by a number of news agencies, including even Fox News on Sept. 1, Biden was quoted as saying, “”Let’s get the facts straight, I not only don’t want to defund the police. I want to add $300 million to their local budgets to deal with community policing to get police and communities back together again,” Biden told KDKA.

Sure, if you look long enough you can find something on the internet that will support most any position. But let us stick with reputable, fact-checked, mainstream media and please don’t repeat lies and misinformation.

L. Holder


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