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Letters, Dec. 30

Great picture

Congratulations on a great front page picture in the Tuesday, Dec. 22 Mail Tribune. Four little kids, all with big smiles on their faces, waving to Santa Claus. They showed no concerns for the pandemic, fires, elections and world problems.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us could put the many problems of 2020 aside and put smiles on our faces for the new year? I’m the eternal optimist — things will be better.

Hank Darlington


One more month

As I write this, there are 31 days until the inauguration of President Biden. I predict the following will happen:

(1) Trump will abdicate his office, and order the prompt inauguration of Mike Pence as president. Pence, like the good lackey he is, will issue a pardon for all of Trump’s crimes, past, present and future.

(2) Trump will have himself spirited offshore, beyond the reach of law enforcement. Brazil, Russia, or Saudi Arabia, or who knows?

(3) The control of Trump’s corporation and all of his properties will go to his proxies, most of them members of his family, and most of whom have legal problems of their own.

(4) Trump’s supporters will continue to roam the streets in their flag-draped pickup trucks. By the way, in my opinion, flying Trump banners in proximity to the American flag amounts to desecration of the flag.

In any case, good riddance to bad rubbish!

Herbert Childs


The dangers of CTE

Despite our nation’s tribulations battling COVID-19, the principal cause of angst usually involves the cancellations of football games.

A longtime aficionado of football, I recently found myself appalled by ongoing football research at Boston University that has exposed a myriad of horrific after-effects on its participants. This information should be publicized and be required reading for the parents of every schoolboy who opts to “go out for the team.”

Now is the time to systematically evaluate findings warning us of the dangers of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), not bemoaning cancellations of meaningless games of violence. CTE is not something new. The “sport” of boxing has already provided a surfeit of victims. (Most often referred to as “punch drunk”.) Unfortunately, the human brain, our most precious asset, is extremely vulnerable, floating unanchored in a cavity covered only by thin membrane.

The paramount question arises: Are we sacrificing our youth to a meaningless, reckless test of valor that is adversely and incontrovertibly affecting their future mental abilities and health?

Our nation’s record in choosing profits (cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) rather than banning deleterious pleasures is not reassuring. Last year the NFL reported a profit of some $25 billion.

Bob Warren

Central Point

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