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Letters, Jan. 4

Wood studs

Wood studs are critical for the construction of a house. You distribute wood studs.

You go on television and say that next month the U.S. is going to build 20 million houses. Everyone is very happy.

You start shipping out studs, but many of them that are needed are still in your warehouse, but you stick to your prediction. At the end of the month the builders have only built 2 million houses.

You are asked what went wrong, you say it is not your fault, you are not responsible for the nails, carpenters, local delivery trucks, etc. People start to question how you could be in charge of predictions when you do not understand the entire process.

You are back on TV this morning with your new predictions, unfortunately this time no one believes you, you failed.

Dennis Neeley

Central Point

Profanity and Democrats

This past year, I became aware of a long-time prejudice. I hate profanity, and avoid people who swear.

It began in childhood. There was no profanity in my home, and I heard it only from crude people. I developed an aversion to it. In time, I developed a love of learning, truth, rational discussion and polite examination of different viewpoints.

Here is what happened this year: I began to associate profanity with Democrats. I don’t know why, unless I saw it many times in political comments.

Related, I guess, is what is now called “cancel culture.” Every time I hear about free speech being forbidden, I think of Democrats.

Now I wonder if Democrats swear and ban contrary information because they can’t counter it with logical and true arguments.

I’ve seen exceptions, but my prejudice sticks with me.

I want to be rational, not prejudiced. Am I wrong?

Ira Edwards


Mendte’s gift

In his article “Division likely to endure,” Larry Mendte’s gift to America the day after Christmas, he decided to assure us all that our hopes of a brighter tomorrow should be considered fool’s gold. The day after celebrating Christ’s birth, he made the conscious decision to let us know that the people of our great nation will surely continue to despise one another. Gee thanks.

I, along with everybody else on earth, would probably have ended it by now without the belief that tomorrow will bring a brighter day. Yet, Mendte, with his usual pessimistic flair, chose to sit at his computer and craft words that he knew would block out the sun, that would dismiss the dreams of millions now desperately clinging to every bit of warmth to sustain them.

I wonder if he would bestow such benevolence upon his own wife during her darkest hour. Would he want his children to believe there is no light at the end of the dampened tunnels they will surely at some point traverse? I doubt it. Yet this is what he felt was an appropriate Christmas present for the rest of us.

Consider this response my gift returned.

Bruno Marcotulli


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