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Letters, Jan. 6

Environmental terrorists

Twice a year, New Year’s Eve and July Fourth, I really dislike MANkind.

There is no place in our fragile environment for fireworks. Nothing good comes from the use of fireworks. The user of fireworks is an inconsiderate, selfish man who isn’t very bright.

Air quality suffers, PTSD patients suffer, kids, domestic pets and wildlife suffer. The environmental suffers. Do I really need to mention extreme drought and fire hazard?

If you want to blow things up and make extreme noises, join the military or reserves. I get that 2020 was a really bad year; I doubt that using fireworks has anything to do with that. It is more likely that it is another “You can’t tell me what I can do” issue.

Wake up, Gov. Brown and Oregonians, time has long past to ban all sales and the use of all fireworks. If you have not noticed, we no longer live in the 1950s.

C.J. Jamison

Central Point

Changing my party

Recently I changed my political party from Republican to no party after over 40 years of remaining loyal to the party that I joined when I became eligible to vote.

When I turned 18 our governor was Tom McCall, our U.S. senators were Bob Packwood and Mark Hatfield, men who represented our state well and were consistent with my views. As a native of Oregon (my mother’s family moved to Oregon in the late 1800s), I valued their fiscal conservative views as well as their progressive views on such things land conservation and human rights.

The Republican Party of today no longer represents those views. The party has become the party of division, not of unity.

The final straw for me is the party members who have tried to overturn a fair and honest election — it disgusts me. Their disregard for our Constitution and laws of the land is an embarrassment to the party. To be fair, there are members such as Sen. Romney that are calling this action out, but there are too many who have cried wolf.

It is a sad time for our country when so many are willing to deny the vote of the people.

Greg Williams


No limit to hypocrisy

As we continue to witness, there is apparently no limit to Republican hypocrisy and party loyalty. Honest Americans condemn their shameful, treasonous, seditious behavior. Keep America, America. Power to the people.

Dave Garcia


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