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Letters, Jan. 7

Forgo pandering, please

Now that newly minted Congressman Cliff Bentz has accepted the mantle of service his position demands, one prays that he will recognize and honor the many constituencies residing in this vast District 2 and forgo pandering to the idiotic bleatings of one Donald Trump.

He might so much as familiarize himself with the U.S. Constitution and state and federal election laws. In the meantime, I wish him well as he negotiates the halls of Congress in service to us all.

John Galloway


Thanks for a good newspaper

I often go to the coast with my sister, who lives in Roseburg. I usually bring my paper with me and she brings hers and we usually stay a few days and buy the Eugene Register Guard paper and sometimes The Oregonian Portland paper.

Even though the new front page of our paper was recently changed, which upset some people, our Mail Tribune is a bigger and much better paper than those mentioned above. The Roseburg News Review, is much smaller, only comes 6 days a week, but soon to be cut back to 5 days a week. It has no Parade on Sundays and no TV schedule (it’s available at the News Review office for $1).

Before long most newspapers will be a thing of the past, as more and more people go to other sources for their news. Let’s appreciate a good newspaper while we have it. I look forward to it every morning. Thanks, Medford, for a really good paper!

Dorothy Zirkle


Who selects?

In May 2020 Ashland residents voted for a city manager’s position to conduct city operations and manage the $300 million-plus biennial budget.

Selecting Ashland’s city manager is a critical issue that people should be paying attention to. The city manager’s job will affect all of Ashland. A top performing city manager can potentially save Ashland millions of dollars. Conversely, a lower performing city manager can possibly cost Ashland millions. Therefore the selection should be done carefully, appropriately and with transparency to the public.

A consultant has been hired to seek applications. The next step is crucial: the screening/selecting applicants for further review by the City Council and mayor.

Who would be best to screen applications obtained by the hired consultant? The city’s Human Resources Department or an independent expert in the field?

An example of city Human Resources screening job applicants is shown in video “Who Selects?” at AshlandSOS.com website (or at https://youtu.be/gxY46wDPMg8). It involves hiring the new Senior Program superintendent in 2018. The sworn testimonies describing this process were obtained during a 2019 civil lawsuit against the city of Ashland.

Watch “Who Selects?” and then contact the City Council and mayor. Tell them what you think.

Sue Wilson


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