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Letters, Jan. 8

Democracy at risk

I read with dismay the front page story about the newly elected representative for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District calling for an investigation into the election of President-elect Biden.

When his first act as a U.S. representative is one that could be considered sedition, Rep. Cliff Bentz has made it clear that democracy is not his first priority.

Elizabeth Fairchild


Trump and manslaughter

When President Trump relinquishes the White House, he faces a number of charges in state courts for financial misdeeds. However, his most egregious crime is one he’s unlikely to be charged with, even though fully documented in his own words.

He clearly knew from the start the potential damage posed by the COVID-19 virus, but repeatedly downplayed the threat. As infections rose, he kept predicting the pandemic’s demise. He mocked wearing masks, and promoted false “cures.” Pandemic updates from the CDC were replaced with “press briefings” from an appointed White House “task force.”

As contagion spread, Trump asserted that it was all a “hoax.” Instead of employing his extensive powers to mount a robust federal response, he blamed China for unleashing the coronavirus, and praised Republican governors who refused to issue lock-down orders.

Some will argue that the president was merely negligent in his approach to the pandemic. But in the face of his willful obstruction and denial of the catastrophic effects the contagion was having, I maintain that Donald Trump has been complicit in the deaths of an untold number of Americans — certainly numbering in the tens to hundreds of thousands. For this, the appropriate charge would be manslaughter.

John Kloetzel


Free and fair elections

I am tired of Democrats that keep claiming the election was free or fair. Trump and his Republican cult cannot fathom that Joe Biden could have possibly won, after all the obstruction done by Republicans from Texas to Pennsylvania, from Georgia to Wisconsin.

Like a single ballot box for millions of people in Texas. Throwing a monkey wrench into the post office gearbox to stymie vote-by-mail. Eliminating hundreds of polling places nationwide so people in heavily Democratic precincts wait in line for hours. Purging Democratic voter rolls.

They even called on the Nazis to help scare voters. Then, the not so secret “herd immunity super spreader events” to make sure the plague was spread far and wide. You call that a free and fair election? One can only wonder how many seats in Congress Democrats would have won without Republican in-your-face cheating.

On the plague, the only credit Trump should receive about COVID-19 are the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of thousands of U.S. citizens, and this plague should be ever proclaimed “The Trump plague.” If ghosts that haunt are real, Trump and his cult should be very afraid.

Steve Armantrout


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