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Letters, Jan. 10

Denier of reality

My representative to the U.S. House of Representatives signed on to a coalition attempting to deny certification of our presidential election. This action comes after careful deliberation by all 50 secretaries of state to certify this election.

Rep. Cliff Bentz is a denier of reality and political process. He joins a historical cohort of politicians and their followers to move away from democratic procedures. Instead, they seek to form a government led by autocrats and propaganda experts. His TV statement against the violence was too little, too late; he’s the problem.

Wednesday’s riot in Washington, D.C., shows the true colors of this movement, I am so sorry that my just elected representative shows such poor judgment and lack of knowledge of the republic which I take such pride in. I hope he revisits his high school civics classes to learn what makes this country great.

Jim Akins


Don’t touch the First Amendment

In the Jan. 5 “Protecting our democracy” letter, the author proposes “reexamination of the First Amendment” to prevent the spread of “disinformation.” I find that frightening.

Who would get to decide what’s disinformation? Without open discussion and an investigation of evidence, how will the truth be revealed? Prior to the election, Hunter Biden’s foreign government dealings were labeled disinformation by traditional media and removed from social media. Post-election it became clear the story wasn’t “disinformation,” only censored information. The truth is not found by making laws banning “disinformation,” the truth is revealed only through free, open discourse.

Social media companies claim to be discussion “platforms,” not editors, hence exempt from content liability laws. Now that social media edits/removes content, the same liability laws that apply to traditional media should apply to social media.

“Obstruction of justice” is ambiguous. The writer claims it is reasonably clear that Trump could be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. It is “reasonably clear” that Obama or Hillary should have been prosecuted for obstruction of justice.

Congressional subpoenas for “Fast and Furious” and Solyndra documents were ignored by Obama’s administration. Hillary demolished computer data after it was subpoenaed? Seems to be a double standard.

Barbara Tice


Republicans have become fascists

The Republican Party has become fascist.

Fascism despises democracy. 126 Republican Congress members wanted to overthrow the lost election. Senate Republicans held hearings promulgating lies and conspiracy theories destroying democracy.

Fascism seeks authoritarian rule requiring loyalty tests. Red states are favored over blue.

Fascists support violence. Nazi Germany had Brown Shirts. Our Republicans have Proud Boys and Oathkeepers waving guns and threatening elected officials. “Stop The Steal” rallies bring out thugs to wreak havoc on opposition.

Racist, white supremacist Republicans have fascistically tried to nullify votes in Black majority cities.

Fascists label progressives and liberals as “socialists” regardless of the fact that “socialistic” programs like Medicare and Social Security, that they value, were put in place by liberal Democrats.

Fascists like to say that they are “victims.” Our president whines that he’s a “victim” and his supporters are victims as well. Republicans in our Legislature run and hide to thwart progressive legislation. Our county commissioners cite “individual freedom.” Anyone who is asked to wear a mask to protect others is being “victimized.”

Most Republicans, when elected to office, invariably seek power at the expense of democracy. They have killed the Republican Party and have instead created the Neo-Fascist Party.

Donald Stone


A series of unfortunate events

How could our leaders have been so short-sighted? What could “they” have been thinking?

Anybody with a shred of intelligence expected this “coup,” or something like it, to happen. We have been holding our collective breaths since this election! Why wasn’t there the presence of the National Guard, military and police that we have seeing with the BLM protests? On top of that, Trump still had his supporters in the Senate backing him?

I have never liked the rallying cry of “lock her up,” but it is applicable here! Hawley, Cruz and Trump need a special jail cell all to themselves to have time to think on what they have caused to occur in their own, and our, country!

Jolayne Copper


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