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Letters, Jan. 15

Bentz votes against democracy

Here are some words I never thought I would write: Our U.S. Rep. Cilff Bentz just voted to throw out presidential electoral votes that represent the will of the majority of Americans and the majority of Oregonians.

This is the same Cliff Bentz who would run and hide to prevent majority votes while he was a state legislator in Salem. To my eyes it appears that our representative to Congress opposes democracy.

George Sexton


All uphill for Bentz

Our Rep. Cliff Bentz, newly elected to Congress, has brought great dishonor to Oregon by participating in an effort to overthrow the presidential election. Cliff, it is all uphill from here.

Ron Iverson



How ignominious a beginning to a first term in Congress for newly elected Rep. Cliff Bentz, who, in what was probably his first official act after taking his oath of office, votes to uphold objections to counting of electoral college ballots for President-elect Joe Biden even after the U.S. Capitol is overrun by a seditious mob spurred on by false allegations of voting fraud.

His statement trying to defend his decision continued to give credence to those false allegations, and implicit support to that mob, by claiming the need for a commission to look into the allegations even though virtually every court of law in which Trump campaign attorneys filed grievances about the election dismissed them out of hand. In many, if not all, of those filings, Trump campaign attorneys denied the existence of fraud and Trump’s own attorney general admitted that any instances of either fraud or any other irregularity were insignificant. Yet Bentz persists.

Is this what his constituents are to expect for the remainder of his public service as our representative?

James E. Orr, retired U.S. Navy captain, JAGC


Doesn’t pass the sniff test

During the count of the electoral college votes, our new guy in the House of Representatives wanted so badly to fit in with the right-wing nut jobs in the GOP that he dove into the conspiracy-theory cesspool with them.

His supposed objection? He claims that he just wanted another investigation into claims of voting irregularities. Apparently all the lawsuits, recounts, audits, and certifications aren’t quite enough for him, but just one more look by Congress would be?

That claim does not pass the sniff test. No proof was ever enough for Trump and the birthers, and nine investigations were not enough for the Benghazi zealots. Cliff Bentz and his fetid pals do not want the truth — they just want an issue to raise a stink with.

R.J. Izor


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