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Letters, Jan. 16


I am appalled that two days after acknowledging to uphold and defend the Constitution during his swearing-in ceremony, Rep. Cliff Bentz sides with a small minority of Congress members to reject the votes in the state of Pennsylvania. In so doing, he is equally responsible for adding fuel to the fires that raged in our nation’s capital.

Has Bentz now become knowledgeable of the election of a far-removed state? My suggestion would be for Bentz to review his oath of office and work on issues that directly impact the State of Oregon.

Mark Edy


Parsing yard signs

Our fine little village of Jacksonville remains graced by yard signs carrying these messages:

1. Love wins

2. Black Lives Matter

3. Immigrants and refugees are welcome

4. Disabilities are respected

5. Women are in charge of their bodies

6. People and planet are valued over profit

7. Diversity is celebrated

A cynical individual might find these sentiments vacuous, perhaps even sappy. Not me! I resolve to parse them instead.

“Love wins” — This is doubtless a nod to Davis Milton Love III and his 1997 PGA win.

“Black Lives Matter” — this one was a challenge. Insofar as I can tell, dead Black persons in Chicago do not matter. I’m also bemused by the statement of one of its founders, Patrisse Cullors, “We are trained Marxists.”

“Immigrants” — Did America’s laws change? Who knew?

“Disabilities” — Well, of course. They are both respected and accommodated.

“Women’s bodies” — I surmise this is a vague abortion message.

“People, planet, profit” — Many corporate CEOs will be relieved to not have to build wealth for their stockholders.

“Diversity” — Perhaps interested parties will access Heather Mac Donald’s brief YouTube piece, “The Diversity Delusion.”

Hubert Smith


Sign up for climate class

The improbable is becoming the probable! Are you connecting with your community? Has the past year increased your empathy and sense of responsibility?

Do you have energy that can be focused; do you think that we are in this together? What is “this” to you? Are we defending our lifestyle or are we protecting our planet for future generations?

Years ago, a climate pledge included: a promise to reduce climate impacts by living a life of sustainable consumption of earth’s resources by reducing waste, energy and water use; by keeping soil, water and air clean, by caring for wildlife, plants and animals; by reducing the use of fossil fuels; by voting for candidates who consider climate change in policies and programs; by supporting policies and programs that reduce fossil fuel use and promote renewable energy.

Climate change is here. Climate change is affecting our communities. You can still learn and act!

To learn more, consider enrolling in SOCAN’S Master Climate Protector — A Primer for Action, a course offered via Zoom beginning Feb. 8. It’s a 10-week course, held weekly: Mondays from 6-9 p.m. The course is limited to 20 participants and costs $100, but scholarships are available.

Louise D. Shawkat


Mendte’s bogus rights

Larry Mendte keeps misrepresenting the Constitution and our rights.

All this horrid year, he has parroted President Trump’s phony ginned-up justifications for not wearing masks. Just as there is no “right to drive recklessly,” there is no “right to infect others.” During Thanksgiving Larry railed about our governor who had asked that we engage in shared sacrifice by wearing protection and limiting gatherings.

Meanwhile, the virus didn’t care. It just kept killing people. The virus doesn’t pretend. To date it has killed more than one in every thousand Americans unnecessarily. I’d love to ask my friend — a fan of the president — how he now feels about Trump’s — and Larry’s — cavalier attitude about mask-wearing. But I can’t ask him because he’s dead from COVID and his wife infected, likely over the holidays because they weren’t careful enough. Hundreds of thousands dead!

Now, Larry has “seen the light” — because five people, all Trump supporters, died attacking the Capitol to “defend” Trump’s pretend election victory. Too little, too late, Larry. I’d prefer the MT never again publish your drivel — which would be the MT’s absolute right, just as it is Twitter, Amazon and Google’s right not to publish the president!

Reade King


Keep it simple

Let’s keep it simple: The Republican Party twice ran a candidate for president of the United States of America who — long before any votes were counted — made it clear that he would not respect, or commit to abide by, the results of an American election if he did not win.

Given this fact, nobody who aided and abetted Trump’s candidacy has a right to profess a belief in democracy, or feign shock and surprise at the result.

Or to disclaim responsibility for the result.

Bob Heilbroner

Talent Oregon

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