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Letters, Jan. 19

Belief systems at odds

Different types of belief systems appear at the core of our actions. My concern, in looking at the immense challenges such as racial justice, climate change, political divisions, is how decisions continue to be made by Americans of all stripes.

From my humble perspective, I have come to recognize the opposing “realities” of unfounded beliefs (rumors, internet memes, lies repeated as truth) versus evidence-based beliefs (science, data) that both translate to decisions and subsequent actions.

I continue to support former president Obama’s emphasis on education and critical thinking. Moving forward in 2021, I’ll choose to celebrate science, evidence, and thoughtful action rather than unfounded conspiracies and untruths. There are no “alternative facts.”

David Speigel


Bentz owes an apology

The day before the Jan. 6 Electoral College vote, I contacted Oregon’s 2nd District Congressman, Cliff Bentz, expressing my opposition to his stated intention to join the “sedition caucus” led by Sens. Hawley and Cruz. It came as no surprise to me that Bentz went ahead and voted against the certification of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes as a political display of loyalty to President Trump in a futile effort to try and obstruct the election of President-elect Biden. What is both disconcerting and enraging is that he continued to follow through with this provocative and ill-conceived attempt even in the aftermath of the violent mob riot encouraged by the president only hours before.

Bentz has shown both an inability to reflect on the potential consequences of his actions and a questionable commitment to the Constitution he swore to uphold just several days earlier.

As a result of this reckless behavior, based on political ambition and personal hubris, he owes an apology to the state of Oregon and especially to all persons of reason, civility and decency in the 2nd Congressional District. He needs to do this without hesitation, without ambiguity and without equivocation. If he cannot do this, then what?

Richard DiVita

Central Point

Big Tech won

Big Tech won the 2020 election. Big Tech transformed Joe Biden from a person who was losing a step or two into a superhero. The ads depicted Joe Biden as a candidate who was loved by the military, who had a lot of bounce to his movements and who looked like a young 40.

There was no need to run the ads in blue Oregon. However, I did see one ad that transformed Joe Biden into super presidential. The ads didn’t show candidate Joe Biden hiding in his basement and not taking relevant questions during the summer riots.

Wondering how a person who hid in his basement could win, I did some research and I learned about the Big Tech factor. Big Tech spent a lot of money supporting Joe Biden and probably helped create very effective ads.

I wonder if an online dating moment will happen. You know, when the dates first meet each other and one profile doesn’t match up. The State of the Union Address will be a revealing date.

Both President Wilson and President Reagan had wives helping the government run smoothly during their last year as president. Four years might be an impossible task.

Bill Hartley


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