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Letters, Jan. 20

Bentz chose not to listen

Cliff Bentz, three days after swearing to uphold the U.S. Constitution as the new congressional representative from Oregon’s 2nd District, chose not to listen to the judges who tossed over 42 Trump challenges out of court. Nor did he listen to all the Republican state election officials who stood by the integrity of the vote count.

Instead, shortly after the horrendous assault on the U.S Capitol a few hours earlier, he claimed he had “listened” to his constituents when he objected to certification of the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania. In cynically doing so, he surely knew he was endorsing the lies of Trump and condoning the violence of Trump’s riotous followers.

Judith Cope


Just pondering

I have in-hand and repeated on-line reminders my MT subscription is at an end. They linger while I ponder:

1. I really do enjoy the bridge game and funnies.

2. Local news coverage is excellent.

3. Can I endure even one more issue chock-full of dishonest, bigoted, hateful, mean, unverifiable and gratuitous “Hate-Trump” vilification?

4. I’ve had more than my fill of blabberings from unrealistic extreme environmentalists.

5. None of my conservative friends subscribe to the MT so it’s not conversation conducive.

6. Is it too much to hope the MT will one day become an honest, informative news paper or will it continue to function as the local Democrat propaganda pamphlet?

Just pondering while I decide if I’ll renew my subscription.

Juanita Bright


Mendte is overpaid

On the very day that Mendte is bloviating over Pelosi’s gender pronouns, the folks he writes apologias for loot the Capitol. Don’t call it an insurrection, it’s more like the Second Coming of Animal House.

And what about the kid-glove treatment the looters got? Where was the wall of riot police, the tear gas, the rubber bullets? Oh, wait — these were white people. Silly me.

I digress. The whole reason Pelosi has to talk about gender pronouns is to avoid talking about our real problem — massive inequality. The Dems use identity politics to distract us, and the Republicans use race. Neither side of the Uniparty want us to notice that their job is to ensure wealth in the U.S. keeps trickling upwards, no matter who gets elected.

You can really see it during the pandemic. Mom-and-Pop restaurants wiped out and replaced with big chains. Local stores replaced by Amazon. The Fed printing money that goes straight into the stock market. Wealth of billionaires expanding even as the local economies collapse. It almost brings to mind something about “And reduce the surplus population ...”

And Mendte? Even if he works for free, you are paying him too much.

Steve Soar


Too much to expect

A quote from Sen. Josh Hawley, per the Wall Street Journal: “Missourians have been loud and clear that they do not believe the presidential election was fair,” Hawley explained in an email to GOP senators last week. “Instead of following the media’s example and lecturing our constituents, I believe it is my responsibility as a senator to raise their concerns in the forum allowed to members of Congress. That’s exactly what I intend to do.”

Interesting. So, if a goodly percentage of his constituents believed that the moon is made of green cheese (and man has never been there), he should take these concerns forward and vote against allocating money to NASA to return to the moon and go on to Mars, for example.

Our politicians need to be leaders, which means being alert to constituent concerns, determining how valid they are, attempting to explain the truth to the constituents, and then voting based on reality. Too much to expect these days, I guess.

Ron Constable


Truth, not fiction

The truth sets us free (Matthew 8:32) because we then know our decisions have foundation. Not fantasy, foundation.

We should demand that our governmental representatives base their decisions on facts. Not fiction. Examples of poor decisions include resisting the use of face masks and voting to stall the presidential certification process. These decisions are based on falsehoods that enslave us all. The results include rioting in our capitols and appalling levels of COVID mortality.

Help yourself. Help your neighbor. Wear a mask.

Paul Fisher


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