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Letters, Jan. 22

Center-right party needed

There are enough Trump supporters among my extended family and acquaintances to know that the vast majority are good and decent people. However, they are still complicit in supporting a terribly indecent person.

From his political beginnings, Trump was racist, insulted John McCain because he was a POW, a Gold Star family because they had the nerve to criticize him, mimicked a reporter’s physical disability, accused President Obama of a crime with absolutely no evidence — and this was just the beginning. Trump has always been unrestrained by truth and decency, but over 40% of the electorate supported him because of tax cuts and judges.

Evangelical Christians, who profess to worship the Prince of Peace, supported by an overwhelming percentage a person who personified exactly the opposite moral qualities. Wrapping himself in the flag, Trump is in love with nothing other than his own ambition. His demand for loyalty is a one-way street that led only to violence in service to his pathological narcissism.

This country needs a center-right party responsibly advocating conservative principles. Unfortunately, for the past five years the Republican Party has been besotted with a malevolent and amoral con man who trashed those principles with disastrous results.

Ken Chapman


Please, Never again

After watching what has happened in the past weeks in our nation’s capital I feel compelled to reach out to the well-meaning Republicans who believed Donald Trump was the person they should vote for. You honestly and sincerely have my sympathy for what he has done to your party.

Admittedly, I have never been a Trump supporter and oppose the man for many reasons, but that does not mean that I oppose the Republican Party or, more importantly, Republicans. I believe in the two-party system and our democracy. I do believe one narcissistic man who was never fit to be president has cost the Republican Party the presidency, the Senate majority, a distrust of our democracy, and much more importantly, the lives of thousands of Americans by not supporting the basic notion that masks can save lives.

This all being said, I ask all of us, please, may we never let this happen again for the sake of our nation. Please, never again.

Rick Parsagian



One man’s terrorist/traitor is another man’s freedom fighter/patriot.

Trump’s followers committed sedition against the United States when they invaded the Capitol building using violent force and interfering with and delaying presidential electoral certification. These followers are fellow Americans who have been lied to, deceived, and brainwashed methodically. Methods used are hate and prejudice, and shock, humiliations and intimidation. Templates are used called the Hate and Prejudice Template and the Shock, Humiliation and Intimidation Template.

The two templates are so effective they’ve been used by evil forces for millenniums. These followers were brainwashed by methods every human being is subjected to daily. This doesn’t excuse unacceptable behavior.

Knowing about and how the templates work, it is still surprisingly easy to fall prey to them. Many are calling for all the persons involved in committing the sedition to be severely punished. The American people, our leaders, and the media judged other nation’s leaders for severely punishing people who have done the same thing as Trump’s followers. The people are always punished while the instigators are seldom punished. Those truly needing punishment are those involved in brainwashing and instigating fellow human beings into committing atrocious acts against each other.

Randall Hale


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