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Letters, Jan. 23

Thiessen hits new heights

Marc Thiessen reaches new heights of false equivalency comparing peaceful occupation of the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin, in protest over Scott Walker’s treatment of public sector unions, with Donald Trump’s planned incitement of an insurrectionist mob that tried to prevent the peaceful transfer of power of our constitutional republic and resulted in six dead and many injured.

James Cannon


Political correctness risks

Before I donate plasma at the American Red Cross, I must read six pages, defining terms and clarifying risks. Then an interviewer asks my gender. For years, I thought she was asking my actual sex. But no, she’s asking how I personally identify.

I was fooled for two reasons. First, how I identify is as relevant to donating plasma as my favorite color. Enter “green” to calibrate the apheresis machine.

Second, nowhere in that required reading (remember, six pages) is “gender” defined. Why not? ARC wants to keep donors ignorant. Maybe they’re embarrassed because they know the question’s irrelevant. Perhaps they don’t want donors to know they’re catering to a powerful interest group instead of conducting actual medicine where facts matter. Whatever the motive, ARC is deceiving its donors.

Once I answer gender, ARC personnel pretend I answered an unasked but necessary biological question. If I’m a man identifying as woman, they’ll foolishly ask about past pregnancies. If I’m a woman identifying as a man, they’ll ignore past pregnancies. Because of a rare medical condition known as transfusion-related acute lung injury, pregnancies are important. But at the Red Cross, that risk to patients takes a back seat to political correctness.

Drew Hymer


Applauding Bentz

It has been complained that our newly elected 2nd Congressional District representative, Cliff Benz, was on the side of Republicans objecting to the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania.

Bentz said he had talked to his constituents in Congressional District 2, and many of them spoke of their distrust in the election results. Bentz wrote Speaker Pelosi to look into the voting irregularities. Bentz said, “So far, my request has fallen on deaf ears.”

How can objecting to a slate of electors be considered sedition when there is an overwhelming amount of evidence available to the contrary? There are hundreds if not thousands of sworn affidavits from first-hand witnesses to the fraud and irregularities. Complaints were filed in numerous courts. The complaints stated allegations and in many of the complaints (I have read several), the evidence of the sworn affidavit is footnoted. The evidence would be presented at a trial. But the courts dismissed the complaints without even hearing or looking at the evidence. So the statement that there is no evidence is absolutely not true.

As to Congressman Bentz, I applaud him for his stand, and I am certain a majority in his district agrees.

Gayle Merz


MAGA hunger

In May of 2019, the MT published a letter I penned satirizing MAGA hat wearers, comparing POTUS to a jackass. In response, two folks posted replies with their opinion of my letter. One gentleman from Jacksonville even took the time to research my address and sent a not-too-flattering note to my house.

Since then, MAGA hats, lawn signs and other flags are everywhere, proudly displaying the one they worship the most.

Now, fast-forward to the present. We all should be sickened to see the long lines of hungry families waiting for a box of food. Why are there no MAGA banners in these caravans? Could it be they won’t admit to being hungry? Or are they just satisfied with a belly full of crow?

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Coup failed

Trump’s attempted coup d’etat failed, just as the numerous ventures in his life have failed.

Had the coup not failed, he might have declared martial law. Then he would become ruler of Amerika!

B. Hernandez


I love you; get off my lawn

Trump may profess “love” for the yahoos that stormed the Capitol building, but you notice he didn’t invite them to Mar-A-Lago. And if they did attempt to set one foot on the grounds of their Dear Leader, they would be arrested and put in jail so fast it would make your head swim.

Marcia Simon

Eagle Point

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