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Letters, Jan. 24

Mike Nearman has to go

One of our own representatives in Oregon has committed a crime!

Prior to the riot in D.C. on Jan. 6, we had a confrontation at our state Capitol. In a video, we can clearly see Rep. Mike Nearman, R-Independence, letting an armed mob into the Capitol building. What do you suppose was his expectation? By doing this, he endangered his fellow legislators — these rioters were carrying guns and not wearing masks.

He has been sanctioned and fined, but I am calling for his resignation. He has a history of not caring for Oregonians. He has voted against expanding health care for low-income folks, votes against working families, and was funded by an extreme anti-LGBTQ group (information provided by Northwest Accountability Project).

He has been asked to resign by our top House legislator and I am hoping this happens. We do not need people representing us who encourage violence and who fail to help our fellow citizens.

Arlene Aron


Celebrate carefully

Nothing epitomizes Trump’s term in office like needing the National Guard to protect President Biden and Congress from his supporters.

After years of assaulting our Constitution, Trump’s farewell address was a harangue that provoked an armed mob of white supremacist thugs into attacking our Capitol. The mob he inflamed epitomizes Trump’s base — angry, divorced from reality and eager to trash our democracy. To secure their votes, the GOP sold the remnants of its soul.

While Trump was inciting his deadly riot, his son Eric proclaimed, “This is Donald Trump’s Republican Party!” Too true. Republicans have condoned his psychotic behavior and joined him in spreading his crazy lies about election fraud. Inflamed by their own BS, they tried to overthrow a duly elected president and keep their madman in power. It’s one thing to be delusional, but the GOP has become a danger to itself and others.

Although Trump’s White House freak show has been canceled, the damage he and his accomplices inflicted on our republic is incalculable. This year is bound to be better with Biden, but celebrate carefully. COVID-19 is still a lethal threat and so is Trump’s anti-American cult.

Michael Steely


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