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Letters, Jan. 25

A dangerous time

After seeing what took place on Jan. 20, I believe we are in one of the most dangerous times of our nation’s history All it would take is just one crisis (the crash of the dollar or for Wall Street to fail) and America and other nations of the world who depend on the dollar would be in total confusion.

We are printing massive amounts of $100 bills and our national debt keeps getting larger. It stands at about $27 trillion now. Think about this with a badly divided nation — wow, much prayer is needed!

By the way, we do not want to be a socialist nation — that would only divide us more than we already are. Please pray for our nation.

Gordon DeVos


Bentz did his job

I’m amused by the recent spate of letters in the MT castigating our new congressman, Rep. Cliff Bentz, for daring to question the November election and for actually planning to do his job representing the overwhelming conservative values of his constituents in District 2.

Suspecting that most of the letter writers did not vote for Bentz, I took a peek back at the November election results. Of the 457,433 votes cast in District 2, Bentz won 60% and, in fact, beat the Democratic candidate by over 104,000 votes. Methinks Congressman Bentz will not be leaving us anytime soon.

So for those of you who still hate President Trump and, by association, Congressman Bentz, stand by for the Biden/Obama 3.0 Show. The next four years will feature the destruction of our nation and its morals and values.

It will be a sadly stunning thing to watch. God help our nation.

Ted Krempa


The city can do better

Recently, Medford’s leadership (our representatives) were surprised to have the winning bid for an architectural firm to design their pool (under a steel warehouse) come in at 20% less than expected. Maybe the higher cost to actually build will be due in part to engineer a HVAC system capable of filtering out the smoke particles in the thousands of cubic feet of air space (More expensive than a standard HVAC) to allow for sporting events when the doors can’t be rolled up.

Also, asphalt for a 500 car/bus parking lot ain’t cheep. A water safety class for fourth-graders can be performed in a dry classroom in two hours as noted (per an internet search). In-pool swim lessons that would take a student from “Guppy” to a “Flying fish”(colloquial idiom) would cost more. Medford’s leadership has pushed this pool with a political action committee headed up by Kevin Stine (Friends of Wes Howard) promoting new taxes, of which 57% will go for a pool and 47% into the general fund (to me a half-truth) and stretched $60 million financing. The city can do better.

Bob Shand


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