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Letters, Jan. 27


Increasingly, as American jobs are exported overseas by such icons of American capitalism as IBM, GE, PGG&E, ATT&T, Microsoft (and an ever increasing number of other American companies), the practice is undergoing critical scrutiny.

Under the capitalist system, it is the goal of management to produce products at the lowest cost possible. Is it not therefore the duty of management to also exploit all legal means to achieve that goal?

The sad truth is that there exists a worldwide pool of capable workers eager and ready to replace American workers in their jobs, slashing labor costs 80% in the process. If we wish to preserve our capitalist system we must make adjustments to keep pace with the realities of an ever-changing world.

While the word “socialism” remains an anathema to most Americans, we cannot deny that some precepts of the practice in the forms of Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance have permeated and been accepted by our society. Implementing a system of checks and balances to prevent further erosion of American jobs will not be easily achieved, but the problem affects the well being of all Americans and must be addressed. Now!

Bob Warren

Central Point

New conservative party needed

This country needs a true conservative party (as the GOP once was). A trite metaphor: The American eagle cannot fly without both a left wing and a right wing — working for the benefit of the whole glorious bird.

We deserve a pragmatic and responsible conservative party — one that people like me probably will strongly disagree with most of the time, but one with integrity, core principles and some civility in the public sphere — i.e., a renewed GOP party needs to replace the unhinged, unconservative creature that dominates the current party.

So many “radical reactionaries’’ (a seeming oxymoron used here intentionally) infest the party’s machinery at all levels, that prospect does look bleak. Many statements made by county chairs across the country are appalling (but, so far as I know, none coming from Jackson County’s GOP leaders).

Any transformation of today’s Republican Party will be slow and difficult. But, for Republicans of personal/political decency (to whom much of the sorely needed work will fall), it’d be worth it, both to their party and to the country as a whole. The outcome wouldn’t eliminate bare-knuckled political brawls between opponents, but fighting can be done without irreparable harm to our nation’s future.

Jeff LaLande


One nation, under love

The solution for healing the great pain and misunderstandings that divide us, must come from the spiritual side of us — our ability to show loving kindness for, and to have an interest in understanding, our fellow Americans.

We all love our country, our home, and we all want an effective way to deal with what’s distressed about it.

May we all develop more of the spirit of the first responders in how we care for each other’s needs — immediately and unconditionally. Under this level of love, our nation is indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Joel Turgesen



Our world is less friendly, depersonalized. I have a pet peeve: It seems years ago, when I called a professional or a business, a receptionist would answer. She might help me without even bothering the boss.

Now? I get a prerecorded spiel, amounting to an array of reasons why I should call somewhere else. I call it: The go to Hell speech. I am tempted to say it to her, but she is not real.

Is it really such a money-saver to not hire a receptionist?

Hans Stroo


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