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Letters, Jan. 30

How do I get deprogrammed?

Sorry, I’m an old, white, long-term Republican who voted for Trump. Shame on me! Seems I’m now among the most hated group of low-life citizens in our country, and must be deprogrammed for my sinful conservative beliefs.

Guess my ideas of a government that takes care of its citizens first before taking care of the rest of the world, not letting China take over the world, and not letting the crazy left ruin our country, were so wrong. Again, shame on me. Sorry for my stupidity. I should have been watching more CNN to get my head on straight.

So now that I have been shown my evil ways, where do I go to get deprogrammed so my mind will match the left’s destructive ideology, and my life will not be canceled? I sure hope it’s like the wonderful “re-education camps” that China has for the Uighurs?

Ron Lewis

Eagle Point

Overwhelming evidence?

Gayle Merz, in her letter regarding Rep. Bentz, alludes to an “overwhelming amount of evidence” and “sworn affidavits” regarding voting irregularities.

It is my understanding that each state is responsible to review any complaints presented regarding voting irregularities. It has been reported by various states that their officials look into all perceived errors. I am not aware of any state officials discovering any substantive errors in the voting.

Sworn statements are not necessarily facts. They are allegations believed to be true by the person submitting the statement. The truth of the matter is in the investigation and verification of the allegation. As there appears to be no verified truth in the allegations of voter fraud, they must remain allegations without substance.

Please folks, let’s try for verified facts, not simple allegations.

Jerry Sands


Show your pets you care

We are all under so much stress.

Nothing is more healing than the love and warmth of a grateful pet. They can be a huge comfort.

All your pets ask is shelter from cold, clean, unfrozen water, and you have a friend for life. And that’s not easy to come by.

So, please show your pets you care.

Leslee Freeman


Vaccinate seniors first

I cannot agree with your editorial on Jan. 24 endorsing Gov. Brown’s decision to delay COVID vaccinations for seniors in favor of teachers. The CDC says that seniors are at much greater risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Brown said it was the only option since the state decided to reopen schools.

I believe there are other options, and I believe that her decision was simply a political one, not based on science. She is placing the teachers and their union above seniors, even above other unions like the SEIU, whose members have been working at grocery stores and other service jobs faithfully since the beginning of the COVID crisis. If they stopped working, they wouldn’t be paid, not like teachers who have been fully paid for doing significantly less work all along. I believe that Gov. Brown should continue with the CDC guidance to prioritize seniors and those with serious underlying medical conditions. Teachers who fall into those risk guidelines can still get prioritized vaccinations. It makes no medical sense to vaccinate teachers who are young or who do not have underlying medical conditions above the elderly. It’s time the teachers go back to full-time, in-person teaching.

Mike Potter

Central Point

Thanks for the vax!

Best wishes and thanks to all those who organized and volunteered at the mass vaccination event at the Expo last weekend.

Despite a huge Saturday morning turnout, traffic and vaccinations were handled with efficiency and care. A feather in the community’s cap, I’d say!

Stephen Moore

Central Point

Enough Bentz-bashing

Enough with the Bentz-bashing! Gayle Merz in the Jan. 23 MT was spot on. Bentz, our congressman from this 2nd District, was truly representing the constituents that elected him when he voted against accepting the Electoral College result for Pennsylvania and “no” on impeachment.

It might surprise many that of the 36 counties in Oregon, 25 favored Trump and only 11 were for Biden. That is 69%, and only 5% less than the 74% Trump-won counties nationwide. When you see this result posted in color on a map of the U.S., it shows in “Technicolor” that big government, big liberal universities and their environs are controlling our elections.

FYI, our 2nd Congressional district is the largest in Oregon, and seventh largest in the U.S. It encompasses roughly two-thirds of the state east of the Willamette Valley.

Regarding the editorial page editor’s apology for not printing all the negative letters (implying that there were more of those than positive), it’s obvious to me that is a “given” since mostly only liberals subscribe to this glaring example of media bias (except for those who want the crosswords, funnies, sports, or obituaries). And yes, I have unsubscribed.

M. Isaak



Every day I read the Mail Tribune letters to the editor and opinion columns. I often wonder what type of people live in Ashland.

Are they smarter than the rest of us? Are they opinionated? Are they judgmental?

They seem to think they are superior to the rest of us. Are they angry and bitter toward life? Seems like it.

I’ve noticed some people from Medford, Phoenix and Talent fit into this category of individuals too. I wonder what their family members think of all this. I feel for them having to live with that type of person.

Maybe they are still suffering from Trump derangement syndrome? But he’s gone, so maybe they are just angry, opinionated and judgmental people. Or am I just being judgmental?

Mike Pond


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