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Letters, Jan. 31

Thiessen is wrong, wrong, wrong

Marc Thiessen’s column of Jan. 24 is wrong on so many levels, but due to word count constraints in letters to the editor, let me narrow it down to just a couple.

He wrote “... no president in my lifetime has faced such a relentless campaign aimed at his destruction.” He must be 12 years old (or even 4) if he can’t remember all the way back to how Republicans delegitimized Obama. From “birtherism” before he was elected to “doing everything in my power to make him a one-term president” (McConnell) right after his first election, to blocking over 130 judicial appointments in his final year. It was eight straight years of obstruction.

And here’s a good one! With recent events at the Capitol, “Trump has ceded the moral high ground.” I learned long ago that there is no “moral” at all in Trump. It took an attempted coup for Thiessen to realize what most of us knew long before he bragged about grabbing women by the you-know-what or mocked a disabled reporter.

Don’t feign some sort of moral superiority over Democrats by acknowledging Biden as your president after excusing Trump’s immorality in practically everything he did.

Michael Curtis


We deserve better

Congressman Bentz and the Oregon GOP continue to back Donald Trump’s baseless lies to undermine the 2020 election. Their latest whopper is that the Capitol attack was an Antifa “false flag” operation to discredit Trump. Even though the terrorists were easily identifiable far-right Trump supporters who openly bragged about their actions.

Let’s face facts: Bentz and the Oregon GOP are lying. Under oath, in dozens of court cases, Trump’s lawyers declined to provide evidence. Trump and his cronies lied to overturn a free and fair election. Period.

Bentz’s defense — after five lives were lost and members of Congress and Vice President Pence were threatened with assassination — was that he was merely expressing the will of his constituents.

Many of his constituents also believe Earth is flat. That contrails spread cancer. That 5G is mind control. That COVID vaccines are a plot by Bill Gates to microchip everyone. And that Democrats and Hollywood bigwigs eat babies and engage in child sex trafficking. All of which is utter nonsense.

We elect leaders to lead. If Bentz and state GOP officials are unwilling to tell the truth or fulfill their oaths of office, they should resign. We deserve better.

David Smith

Grants Pass

Credit where it’s due

Let’s give credit where credit is due. The logistics of the vaccine distribution at the Jackson County Expo over three days was remarkable.

As a recipient of the first round of vaccinations I am extremely grateful for both the interagency cooperation and the coordination between private and public institutions in getting the vaccine into the arms of Jackson and Josephine county residents. What I experienced on Saturday at the Jackson County Expo demonstrates the best efforts of all of those involved in the planning and execution of this substantial task. Well done.

Peter Bolling


Ted Krempa is wrong

He should not be amused! (Letters, Jan. 25)

Cliff Bentz is supposed to be representing our great state of Oregon. President Joseph Biden overwhelmingly won our six electoral votes with 1,340,383 votes by the citizens of Oregon. That is 56.9% of the votes cast.

So what did he do?

He went to D.C. and decided to join a group of doubters even though all of the courts, including the Supreme Court, had decided there was no fraud in this election.

Any lack of morals left the Oval Office with Trump, but not before he incited a mob insurrection that none of us will ever forget.

So Ted, shame on you.

Lillian Hackmann


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