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Letters, Feb. 1

Vaccine event was flawless

I want to thank all the volunteers including the National Guard and health care workers who ran a flawless vaccination event at the Jackson County Expo last week.

What I anticipated to be a two-hour process was only 50 minutes including the 20-minute wait time in the parking lot in case of an allergic reaction to the Pfizer dose. As long as the paperwork was done beforehand, the traffic flowed smoothly and there were plenty of very friendly and helpful volunteers to guide you along.

This should be a model for other vaccination events.

Kim Gabriel


My rights

It is my right to not wear a mask. It is my right to not get a vaccine.

It is against my rights to be forced to pay for health insurance. If I do happen to get sick, I have the right to the very best health care. If I choose to not pay the medical bill, it is my right to declare bankruptcy.

Dave Miller

Central Point

What we hate

Recent writers have said Democrats hate Trump. I dissent. The only times I have seen “hate” used in letters is from Republicans accusing Democrats of it. Truth is, we who love our country don’t have the energy to hate that failed human being. We have lives to lead, and a democracy to maintain.

We do hate seeing guns on the street. Sheriffs in the old West saw that guns were not carried in town. Why? Because guns kill! Guns stifle civil discourse. They threaten indiscriminately.

A friend who commanded U.S. Navy ships told me recently that guns weren’t carried by crew on a ship; they were secured, and the sailors had significant training in their use. Guns of war belong in an armory under the National Guard — our current form of a recognized state militia. Guns of war are for war, not not political dissension.

Personally, I saw that my son was properly trained in gun use. I took him duck and goose hunting. We shot skeet. He doesn’t need an AR-15 when elk hunting.

I owned a gun to protect my llamas. That’s considered reasonable.

Most Americans hate this terrible mess fueled by misinformation — not the displaced liar himself.

Kathleen Heritage


Hold them accountable

For weeks I pondered whether the best way to unify the nation would be to avoid further legal action against Trump. Then Trump’s effort to overturn a fair democratic election with lies emerged, as did Jan. 6. Ignoring the destructive behavior of Trump and his followers would be more divisive than holding them accountable.

Trump and his traitors orchestrated an insurrection that cost five lives and extensive carnage as the Nazi, racist and white nationalist terrorists looted the Capitol in search of perceived enemies to capture, try and execute. Chief among these was the vice president.

This was not a peaceful First Amendment protest; this was a violent attempted coup against our democracy. The idea that treason (at worst) or sedition (at best) should go unpunished is unconscionable.

Anyone present on the Capitol grounds and party to this action should have known what they were endorsing since the plans were obvious to everyone for weeks. These terrorists should be prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned. Then we can discuss reconciliation.

Furthermore, members of Congress who abetted this action by falsely claiming there was massive fraud in the November election should be expelled from Congress and precluded from ever holding public office again.

Trisha Vigil


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