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Letters, Feb. 2

Time to move on

There are those trying to keep the diatribe going. Don’t take the bait. No matter how inflammatory, stereotypical or toxic, just let it go.

Basing logic on over 20,000 lies will never provide an explanation that could be understood by those who did not buy into Trump’s alternative reality. Rehashing it or trying to make sense of it is like being sucked into the quicksand of the untruths.

Seeing something happen before your own eyes, like watching Trump during the debate say “Proud Boys — stand back and stand by,” or Jan. 6 when Trump was the leader of a white supremacist group of thugs and (he) sent them to the Capitol to do harm. If these things can happen (among many) and people still defend him, then there is no amount of reasoning or arguing that will change that.

Trump branded negativity and oppression through daily tweeting, and he gave power to racist bullies. He became their figurehead.

Follow the money: While he created smoke and mirrors to negate a landslide election, Trump collected half a billion dollars from his followers. Read the fine print; he can use the money to pay off his debt.

Kathy Lambie



For anyone who cares to read and interpret Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution correctly, what is being called an impeachment trial should only at best be called an impelosiment trial.

First, only the president is mentioned as being subject to impeachment, and Donald Trump is no longer president. Second, the chief justice of the Supreme Court shall preside over the trial. These two prerequisites are not being applied, meaning the Democrats and their leaders bringing the false charges have already admitted to the fraud they are perpetrating on the the general citizenship of this country. All that is being accomplished is a waste of their time and our money in order to aggrandize themselves.

What a statement they are making to the world. What a shame.

Dale Casey


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