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Letters, Feb. 7

How many more?

I am totally disgusted with Governor Brown and her advisors for their handling of prioritizing the distribution of the COVID Vaccines. She thinks her team is much more learned than the people at CDC on who should get the vaccination. The Governor decrees that we must reopen schools for the well-being of everyone involved and that older people can get the shots later. Meanwhile those over 65 continue to die. Has no one told her of the fatal flaws to that logic? How many people not meeting the criteria to receive the shot cheated the system and got one at the Expo?

According to the CDC children 5-17 have a 16X lower risk of getting COVID; whereas people 65-74 have a 90X higher risk; people 75-84 a 220X higher risk; and those over 85 a 630X higher risk.

Each day we hear the hospitals are full. Most of those patients are over 65. We hear we must be more inclusive on who gets the next round of vaccinations. How about this idea? Every single person in the world has one thing that makes them inclusive – their birthdate.

Follow the science.

Ken Thompson, Eagle Point

Bentz and Trump

Ted Krempa writes (Jan. 25) that because 60% of us voters in our Congressional District 2 voted for Bentz- and Trump- in November, our Congressman Bentz’s vote January 6 to support Trump’s attempt at insurrection to overthrow the result of that valid election was just what Republican voters wanted. I hope not.

Between November 3 and January 6, Trump attacked that election with all the tools available to the world’s most powerful man, attacking it more thoroughly than any election result has ever been attacked, down to bullying state election officials to find votes for him, and finally inciting a mob of cheering supporters to attack the Capitol and Bentz’s own House of Representatives. Bentz’s contemptible vote came after that. 60% of District 2 voters support that?

It would be depressing to live in a district where the majority approves the overthrow of our democratic government. Yet the Oregon Republican Party now asserts that the MAGA group yelling at the Jan. 6 rally and charging the Capitol was a “false flag” group- really Democrats pretending to be Republicans! The GOP is so far removed from reality that you begin to understand how Republicans in District 2 could approve Bentz’s action.

David Beale, Medford

Profiles in cowardice

The oath of office sworn to by each elected member of Congress (and all federal employees) is that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

In addition, they must also be attentive to the wishes of the electorate that put them into office. However, the oath of office necessarily takes precedence when there is a conflict between the two. It does take an act of courage to go against the electorate, but when there is a conflict, it is cowardice that results in looking toward the next election instead of honoring the oath of office. Such members should be recalled or soundly defeated in the next election.

Richard Franke, Ashland

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