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Letters, Feb. 9

Love thy brother; heal thyself

Rory Meeds decries Democrats’ lack of acceptance of Trump — after eight years of Republican obstruction during Obama’s administration and opposition cries of “not my president.” As the Bible says, “... take the beam out of your own eye ...”

Meeds chooses to view Democrats as vindictive and unable to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Where is the love in Trump’s public demeaning of more persons than I have room to name, or in his insistence on a wall and policies against neighbors pleading for help from violence and poverty; separation of child from parent; continued assault of indigenous peoples by further claims to their lands; refusal to acknowledge validity of the BLM movement; privatization of public lands, healthcare and education to the detriment of the less advantaged; abandonment of measures enacted to save lives from the effects of industrial pollution and global warming; denial of pandemic science with disregard for public safety; and general dishonesty, infidelity and incitement to violence over his own false allegations of fraud. Are these Christian values?

I submit it is not an inability to love on the part of Democrats opposing Trump: it is an inability to accept his self-serving policies and lack of principles.

Shirley Stanfield


Clean up the Greenway

As a lifelong Oregonian, I am appalled every time I drive Interstate 5 from Central Point to the south Medford interchange. While I have sympathy for homeless people, I have a lot more for the thousands who lost their homes in the Almeda fire. Having had to evacuate my home in Central Point two days in a row, I am amazed that we have the amount of people back on the Greenway, under tarps with mountains of garbage, that taxpayers will eventually have to pay to have cleaned up. I believe most of these people are not there because of losing their homes to fire.

Who is responsible for moving these people out and restoring some cleanliness to the area, which is seen by all who travel the road every day? It is like nobody cares that our valley looks like a landfill along I-5. I believe most of these people are there because they choose to be there, as huge strides have been made to house and help the homeless.

I believe as long as the Greenway is allowed to be a homeless camp, the fires of last year will be seen again. Its time to do something different.

Gerald Wahl

Central Point

Waiting for Democrats to condemn

I do not condone what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6, but I’m wondering why Democrats are only now finding their voices and saying the word “riot.” Joe Biden initially refused to mention the arson and looting that plagued our cities last summer. Only when his poll numbers were affected did he finally say something.

The media called the summer riots “peaceful protests” while buildings burned in the background. Nancy Pelosi said, “I don’t know why there aren’t more uprisings in the country and maybe there will be.” When asked if she had a comment about the riots she said, “People will do what they do.” Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged her constituents to harass Trump’s Cabinet members if they saw them at a restaurant or gas station. Kamala Harris created a bail fund for jailed rioters. Madonna contemplated blowing up the White House while Johnny Depp asked, “When was the last time an actor assassinated a president?” During the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, people pounded on the Supreme Court doors and trapped Sen. Jeff Flake in a Capitol Building elevator.

I would like to hear just one Democrat condemn what these people said and did.

Gail Martin


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