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Letters, Feb. 10

No logic involved

It’s impossible to logically explain the Oregon Republican Party Executive Committee’s conclusion that the attack on the Capitol was a “false flag” operation carried out by antifa and BLM agitators to embarrass Trump supporters. Therefore, the only explanation that has any validity is that no logic was involved.

I can’t say there were absolutely no left-wing posers among them, but where’s the hard evidence? The perpetrators took selfies, posed for many photos, and were shown full face in news footage as they stormed the building and roamed the halls. They were not at all shy as they proudly engaged in their seditious acts. Many who have been positively identified have proven affiliations with QAnon, Proud Boys, 3 Percent, and other far right groups. The committee members deserve nothing but ridicule, scorn and, ultimately, expulsion. The Republican Party deserves better. Or maybe we just need a new Republican Party.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Prioritize with science

So Kate Brown and the Democrats are prioritizing who gets COVID vaccinations in Oregon and are using race, ethnicity, economic and social status and other such things as factors.

Nationally, the new administration and the Democrats in Congress have emphasized that the plan should be based on science, not politics. I’m all for basing the national control plan on science regardless of the political affiliation, race, ethnicity or any other characteristic of the proponents for such a plan.

If people of color, or the homeless, aged, women, Native Americans or any other group are at greater risk or are dying or getting sick or transmitting the virus in greater numbers than some other group, let’s prioritize them. However, the basis should be statistically, scientifically, and medically defensible. Social engineering and the other liberal democratic programs should play no part in this process.

Oscar Zuniga


America’s racism

Much of the ugliness in our nation’s history is due to racism, a violent criminal ideology incompatible with American democracy.

White settlers engaged in forcibly relocating and murdering Native Americans. Slavery was a criminal enterprise, maintained with force and violence; white male slave owners perpetrated criminal rape. After slavery ended, the Ku Klux Klan, a violent terrorist organization, perpetrated thousands of documented terrorist murders of Black Americans.

In the 1960s the Democratic Party woke up and embraced civil rights. In response, Southern white racist segregationists left the Democrats and were welcomed with open arms by the Republicans. Since then racism has been infesting the Republican Party.

Donald Trump was elected president as a Republican in 2016. This was regarded by his racist fans and racist Republicans as a marriage made in heaven. For people of color and the rest of us who value equality and democracy it has been a marriage made in hell.

Trump led our nation further into the depths of depravity when he invited a mob of racists and anti-Semites, many wearing MAGA hats, to violently invade our national Capitol on Jan. 6. Their headgear has become a 21st century version of KKK hoods.

Victor Mlotok


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