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Letters, Feb. 11

Send them home

What good has the legislature and court done in 50 years? All they do is argue. Send all those judges, reps and senators home. President Biden has done more in 10 days than those guys did in 50 years.

All we need is one man making all the decisions. That’s efficiency!

Who could object to that?

Ira Edwards


Wait your turn

As a retired senior citizen, I am personally appalled that so many seniors who had no affiliation with the COVID-19 vaccination categories 1A or 1B Group 1 raced out to the vaccine event held at the Expo in late January to get their shot.

It was well publicized that non-health care and education workers needed to wait until a later date. The seniors I know who received a vaccine that was intended to have gone to a worker could easily stay home and continue to be safe from COVID-19 exposure.

I heard the classic excuse of, “well, they didn’t tell me no,” implying that the screeners were fine with what was happening. I call BS! An adult should be able to follow directions and be mature and caring enough to wait their turn. The action of these people is nothing short of being selfish, dishonest and shows a total lack of integrity.

M.J. Harvie


Enhance your role

I believe the role of the Fourth Estate is to bring us informed, accurate information about our world and events. When truth and facts are not agreed upon there is no civil discourse nor civil society, particularly when some use false information, false facts and act to prevent common understanding, common good, and the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Please enhance your Fourth Estate role by pointing to and calling out factual errors, misstatements, mischaracterizations and opinions expressed as fact. Do this in news coverage, opinion pieces and reporting by others carried in your publications.

I suggest that for your readers you adopt some form of notations or footnotes with explanations such as:

1. Not factual

2. Misinformation

3. Mischaracterization

4. Opinion represented as fact

The public will assist you in this effort by pointing out non-facts, etc.

If you do this for stories you carry from other news sources, opinion pieces you carry by contract, and your own reporting, you will serve the common good and journalism’s highest calling.

Others may disagree with your assessments, but that could provide a useful forum for civil discourse in our public square, as well as sell more papers.

Ken Engelund


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