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Letters, Feb. 12

The usual suspects

On Monday, Jan. 25, the MT published a couple of letters from monthly contributors who reiterated their usual complaints.

The first was hand-wringing about socialism. Then we were encouraged to “pray for our nation.” I say pray not for our nation, as it clearly accomplishes nothing. Such prayers go to an entity that either doesn’t care or doesn’t exist. I recommend asking what you can do for your country. As Jesus taught, one might welcome the stranger or feed and house the poor. Oh, maybe that’s socialistic?

Then there was an apologist for Rep. Cliff Bentz. Yes, Bentz won based on his support for Trump, guns, denial of women’s choice, etc. However his objection to the certification of the Pennsylvania vote was total hypocrisy.

Why does he think he can meddle in voting procedures that were approved by a Republican legislature in another state? That legislature made mail-in voting easier in the year of the pandemic. So, basically, Bentz was objecting to the very method used to elect him. Maybe he should quit and run again in some state that doesn’t have mail in ballots.

Richard Melville


Pass the For the People Act

Rep. Cliff Bentz must join the House in supporting HR 1, the “For the People Act.”

A key feature of the act allows small-dollar contributions for citizen-funded elections. In 2013 the Oregon State Senate passed a joint memorial urging the U.S. Congress to propose a constitutional amendment to overturn the ill-advised 2010 Citizens United decision, which has given wealthy individuals and corporations a huge media presence to influence election outcomes.

A recent PEW Research Center report shows that 77% of the public believes “there should be limits on the amount of money individuals and organizations” can spend on political campaigns. HR 1 is a step in the right direction. Bentz should vote yes for HR 1 and support the rights of ordinary people to have a voice in a functioning democratic republic.

Andy Seles


Mendte is a felon

Has Jackson County no serious problems that our newspaper must regularly subject us to the rants of disgraced journalist Larry Mendte? Time was that filing a single deliberately falsified story was enough to get a journalist effectively banned from the profession for life. No other outlet would hire them. At the MT, Mendte is honored with a regular column.

Mendte is a felon. The FBI found that Mendte raided a colleague’s email not once but 537 times. Mendte admitted in court using this information to falsely suggest this woman was engaged in a slew of sexual affairs. Yet, this sterling individual has the mendacity to accuse President Biden of “duplicity” because Biden does not roll over to extremists who fomented a lethal attack on our Capitol? Seven have died. That number includes three defending peace officers, many more of whom were seriously injured. Now, even as crazed extremists continue to spew countless threats at lawmakers, Mendte has the mendacity to call troops protecting the Capitol “political props.”

Duplicity is not an accusation that ever should pass Mendte’s lips or keyboard. No decent paper should keep him.

Alberto Enriquez


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