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Letters, Feb. 18

Please stop speeding

Not sure what’s driving this, excuse the pun, but why are so many of us driving above the limit?

Do we believe police have better things to do than nab us? Do we believe that nobody cares? Do we believe that pedestrians are rarely hit by autos? Do we believe children are all indoor these days? Are we angry over the presidential election?

This is maddening as well as madness. Whom are we serving? Just ourselves?

The speeding seems to begin early. Contractor vehicles (toolboxes in back of pickup) speed to their first job apparently. And it’s funny, rarely is it an identifiable vehicle splashed with company logo. Guess that driver would feel identifiable.

And currently it is not the mom- or dad- mobiles ferrying children to school. Schools have been virtual during the pandemic. However, schools are about to resume. School zone speed limits still are in force: Teachers, staff, visitors are there. What then? Will we make it unanimous?

The street on which I live is sort of an extension of a major thoroughfare. Autos mostly speed until they come to a T intersection two blocks away. Please, stop speeding. Save lives. Maybe your own.

Thomas Hartmann


No respite

There is no respite to the endless stream of vitriol in the Opinion pages of the Mail Tribune. Chief steward? Columnist Leonard Pitts, who never has a happy day and whose vituperation is without cease.

The central theme is this: Think as we do, act as we do, vote as we do; otherwise ye have no redemption.

This theme is exemplified by a recent letter from Victor Mlotok, who uses the term racism or racist six times, culminating in “... and racist Republicans ...” 74 million strong!

So the verdict is this: prepare to find yourself in an enlightenment Gulag where you be well tended to. After all, we are the party of grace and inclusion.

(Of course we could attack the libs day after day for their abhorrent view on the sanctity of life — 61.8 million babies later.)

William Carpenter


SB 254 unfit for Oregonians

Senate Bill 254, which removes medical exemptions and puts health agencies between parents and children, is unfit for Oregonians (or sovereign citizens in any democracy).

Our diversity makes us strong. There are more than 100 “alternative” means that folks use for healing including spiritual methods. Spirituality is my preferred method, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Religious and speech freedom, a part of the First Amendment, are positions of strength for all Americans.

So much freedom of speech lost recently. A proper government, by and for the people, needs active, concerned dialogue provoked by broad educational reach and thoughtful consideration.

As we watch these freedoms disappear we must consider poverty. Hunger. Millions of homeless, jobless folks here at home.

My son moved back to Ashland with a wife and three daughters. They had a restaurant on the big island, Hawaii. They worked night and day for 13 years and grossed more than $100,000 per month. This business crashed. This family has zero income and a future we invent out of thin air, against odds. Let medical professionals determine health care needs for citizens.

The Legislature must spend its time on the economy before it’s too late.

Suzia Aufderheide


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