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Letters, Feb. 20

Criminal indifference

There are none so blind as those who make it their business not to see.

There are none so deaf as those who make it their business not to hear.

There are none so ignorant as those who make it their business never to learn.

This explains the apparent indifference on the part of Trump-cult senators.

Herbert Childs


Threat to democracy

It is frightening how close our country came to losing democracy.

We owe gratitude to six Republicans whose integrity and courage was remarkable in defying enormous pressure from Trump, his acolytes and their Big Lie to overthrow the free and fair election — Gov. Ducey from Arizona, Gov. Brian Kemp from Georgia, along with his lieutenant governor Geoff Duncan and Georgia’s secretary of state, Brad Raffensberger, and his aide, Gabriel Sterling, head of elections in Georgia. And to Mike Pence, who followed the law and the Constitution rather than his heart and allegiance to Trump.

These patriots deserve our heartfelt thanks. Save for them, and perhaps the fortuitous circumstance that Kevin McCarthy was not speaker of the House, we might very well have an authoritarian, un-elected government.

It’s equally concerning that 75 million voters would vote for Trump who so blatantly and consistently lied to the nation and worked to subvert the Constitution to achieve his aims. It is an indictment of the complicity of conservative media for abetting this mendacity and of Republican legislators whose moral clarity is apparently blinded by cowardice or personal ambition. History will treat them poorly for not holding Trump accountable.

Bruce Van Zee


Why are we short of vaccine?

One does not require a degree in journalism to recall that the five W’s (who, what, when, where, and why) are central to the gathering of information and reporting on the pertinent facts of a story.

Perhaps I have missed something (my wife routinely accuses me of this); but, in the local COVID-19 vaccination stories, the reporters have not seemed to ask why is availability of vaccines “drying up” here. And, by extension, why is Oregon near the bottom of all states in citizen vaccinations. These are important questions to ask and inform.

I, for one, look forward to a time in the not-too-distant future when I can again enjoy food, beverages and maybe music, indoors at a public establishment with friends and family. Therefore, I want to know whose chain needs to be rattled in order to speed this outcome along. I suspect that blind rage leading to the recall of the governor is not the answer.

John Galloway


Leaders failed

Last May 25, a Minneapolis police officer failed to perform his sworn duty, and George Floyd lost his life. Since then, anarchists and criminals have been tearing cities apart under the guise of racial equality.

Our state government has allowed groups like BLM and antifa to destroy businesses, steal property, assault police officers and harass citizens. The men and women of the Portland Police Bureau have been under siege with no end in sight. Our feeble, socialist governor and her lap dog, Ted Wheeler, have failed to stop the destruction. The Portland police have struggled to maintain the peace with no help from Kate Brown, Wheeler or the district attorney.

Now, Rep. Janelle Bynum wants to ban chemical agents for use by law enforcement — one of the few tools available to law enforcement when confronted by a violent, criminal mob. I would like to see Bynum’s reactions when facing “peaceful demonstrators” throwing frozen water bottles, explosive devices and Mototov cocktails.

I was saddened to see our socialist senator, Ron Wyden, was in support of the ban. Brown, Wheeler, Bynum and Wyden should be removed from office for malfeasance and their part in the destruction of a beautiful city.

Donald Fasching

Grants Pass

Talk to real people

You should get out of the MT Ivory Tower and talk to real people. Case in point? Your editorial on “DIY” fire cleanup. Mostly BS.

We lost our Talent home, all the contents and a vehicle in the Almeda fire. We approached FEMA, were told, straight out, “If you have insurance, we can’t help you.” The best offer was “ assistance in applying for a SBA loan.”

Lot cleanup was discussed; we were again told no help was forthcoming. We then spent $16,900 on soil testing and lot cleanup (certified contractor), including hauling off my burned car, the “ash and trash” as well as the foundation and all concrete (not salvageable).

Today, five months later, there is no evidence that FEMA nor the state of Oregon did anything related to cleanup in our subdivision where 36 of 48 lots burned to the ground. John Vial seems proud that “only” 204 folks have opted out of the state-managed cleanup, leaving 800 to participate. What about the other 1,600 other homes that burned?

We’re pouring our new foundation on Monday. If we waited for government help, we would probably be dead before they got to us!

Mike LaNier


HR1 is a hard-left measure

Marge Peterson at the League or Women Voters Rogue Valley writes glowingly (Feb. 13) of HR1, the “For the People Act.” She fails to note it is a laundry list of “voting reforms” birthed from the snake pit of hard-left ideologue groups such as trial lawyers, teacher and other unions, elite nonprofit foundations, racial “equity” racket groups, Gang Greens and other fellow travelers.

Everything in HR1 is meant to tip the scale in favor of the progressive agenda. If passed, non-citizens will easily vote in our elections (it would be illegal to track and disclose this). A few more “features” of HR1 — nationwide online voter registration, minimal verification requirements, same-day registration, automatic voter registration (Oregon does this already) and legalization of ballot harvesting.

Perhaps the group should rename itself League of Women Promoting Fraudulent Voters Rogue Valley? HR1 is yet another push for the permanent Democratic Party state, writing into law all the Corona-induced last-minute intrusions that attacked conducting a secure and credible 2020 election.

Peterson’s support of HR1 lends itself to an appearance of impropriety, for the bill is designed to permanently enable progressive left control of the agenda, policies and laws of this nation.

Bill Meyer


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